It’s hard for Fang Yu!

“Dad,I toast you!”
Fang Yu holding juice,Clink glasses with dad。
If it wasn’t for parents’ encouragement,,Fang Yu may not be today。
of course,There are also reasons for meeting Master!
But where is the master now?
While they are eating,Fang Yu’s phone rang。
It’s from Zhang Yue,Said there was a document forgotten,I hope Fang Yu can get it from Zhang Yue。
“I’m eating,Will pass!”
Finished,Fang Yu hung up。
Pan Yulin curiously said。
On the phone,Obviously a girl’s voice。
Very nice!
The appearance is not too bad!
Fang Yu embarrassed:“Beauty in the car dealership,There are still documents……”
“Is a good girl not?I know you and Lao Guo’s daughter are out of play……If it’s good,Just try to develop。We don’t want you to get married quickly。