And Huang Rong also knows,Dumb sergeant to pick up Chu’s deer,So calculate the Chu Deirers should come today.!

In addition, add the agency around the peach flower.、Array,I am going to make Ouyang Feng should also have it to be……
As for Ouyangka,Will be eyeing yourself,In fact, Huang Rong doesn’t feel strange.——At Luoyang,The two also have one side,That is, the time in Pingxi Wangfu。
When Huang Rong took a step by step,I hit the Ouyangki in the middle,Ouyangk’s martial arts is higher than her high,However, Huang Rong still makes a fraud,Escape from his hand……Mainly, this is a greedy,Self-sufficient style,It’s really no hand to Huang Rong。
At that time, Huang Rong felt,This person looks at your eyes,Let her feel uncomfortable,So I didn’t mention the Chu Deirers.,Just say everything goes well。
Ouyang Feng heard Huang Rong’s words,Can’t help but,Then think that the medicine is usually very“evil”,This is the case that the tutor of Taohua Island is so,So there is no transverse reprimand,In turn:“it is good!Huang Nie female really scarf does not let the eyebrows,Rectification of this world,I want to come in Taohua Island, etc.,Also really no settlement……
But if so,Yellow nephew should not contact me with my nephew.?Yellow nephews don’t know,After he met you in Luoyang,But the tea is not thinking,I am this very uncle’s first time I see him.。”
“OK,Since Ouyang Shu is so saying,Then let you come in a person.!”Huang Rong will army。
Ouyangke Wen Yan,Turmy,But……
Ouyang Feng looked at this peach flower,Several stone statues slipped over the track,There is also vague,Stone statue、The door is hidden in the garden……How to dare to let your own monochri in adventure?
Even in the heart:This kind of medicine,Although it is better than the Junshan’s no-with brother,But I am afraid that it is not the case.!
at this time,Ouyangk can’t shout:“Yellow girl, but also remembered that Chu is too old.?When I have passed Lin’an before the uncle,I heard that he and the Song Ting’s county is struggling.,I am afraid that I have already set my mind to do horses.,Will not come to you。”
Before this, the uncle is passing by Lin’an.,But just just passing through,Nothing specially mixed,Naturally, I didn’t meet with Chu Deirers.,Even the group of jade people don’t know。
Huang Rong wondered yet,She knows,Chu Deirers are afraid that they are coming.,More believed that the horse is absolutely pulling——He can have that done?
only……The woody clearing on the side has been fired.,Also want to ask,However, it is stopped by Huang Rong:“Soil,Rational!Where is the unknual county!”
“Yellow niece,Old man as an elder,This is to advise you.,Less and some people who are not three……Since the medicine is not,That may wish to,Huang Zhen female and old man go to Luoyang,After that, wait for your father in Luoyang,So silence to be bullied!”Ouyang Feng has some picture poor to say。
Ouyangke Wen Yan,Can’t help but have some small excitement,But by his uncle, his father is angry.,Suddenly converged a lot……
Ouyang Feng self-sufficiency,Playing with a conspiracy, although there is no burden,But usually do things but still——Such as true“Please”Huang Rong to Luoyang,I will never let Ouyang Classes at this time.。
But just at this time,Just listen……
What are you afraid that,I can also hear this is awkward.,What’s more, Ouyang Feng usually attaches a similarity?,Ouyangk is more。
The two do not be born because it is,Instead, I heard the melodious song of this.,Come and clearly launched the room on the road,Family of famous!
As for those who are?
Ouyang Uncle nature will not be ignorant,Even because I just said this person’s bad words,Now directly“Caouse”,Slightly awkward。
“uncle,This song……”Ouyangke found that it is a bit limited by its own interest.。
After all, he is most thinking now is,It is rushing in to put Huang Rong“Please”Come out and pity,But uncle did not agree,even……From him to see uncle father,His uncle is agreed,Also ask him not to pay more,One is from being able to lose his people on the island,Since it is necessary to be a friend,Still and your own“Old friend”Parents,That should still receive the heart。
Therefore, Ouyangku is not good.,Under the song of the lake,Also getting more。
Ouyang Feng Wen Wen Ye wrinkled,Whiskey:“Keep the heart,This song is not a way to confuse the heart.,You can’t even stand this,In the future, the Bihai tide of the brother will be held.?”
At the same time, Ouyang Feng is under the song of Swordsman.,Not too many different colors,even……Ouyang Feng faintly affedified——He doesn’t think,Now I will give Ouyangku.,What can be lofty!
Although I guessed this song,Affirmation is greater about the help of Chu Deirers,But Ouyang Feng’s self-sustaining the demeanor,There is no meaning of interruption。