“All right,Don’t keep going。”

“Actually, I already told you,why,You still won’t believe it?”
Now,Following Wang Teng’s words。
quickly,Wang Teng swiftly faced his eyes and started to shoot。
But in front of Wang Teng,These people,You can’t resist it at all。
But looking at these,Actually here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, I didn’t think,What will look like this。
Just staring at me just a little bit,When seeing these,Wang Teng’s performance is very plain。
“Is it just this ability?,But I won’t talk about other issues for now,How to solve these problems?”
“I think,Should start with you!”
slowly,As Wang Teng finished,at this time,Wang Teng quickly started to shoot。
And in front of Wang Teng,Yang Zhiqiang in front of you,But there is no chance to react。
Because now,Wang Teng’s shot down。
Where’s Yang Zhiqiang in front of me?,I simply can’t bear such a force,The whole person banged,Fell directly to the ground。
See these,Actually Wang Teng,On the contrary, he was very calm。
These things,What’s up?
Actually Wang Teng,It feels very good,In fact, we should still consider how to solve these people。
And looked around,Wang Teng shook his head helplessly:“Ugh,After all,Still too weak。”