Consumer poverty alleviation is a beautiful life "order"

  In July, the fire in July did not come, Mang Qiuwei, the rural areas of Linyi County, the flowers in the greenhouses were fragrant, and it was a year of harvest.

In recent years, Linyi County, Gansu Province has insisted that the industrial poverty alleviation is used as a fundamental initiative to promote the stability of poor people. It has developed agricultural industries due to local conditions, forming a special advantageous industry such as potato, vegetables, lily, Chinese herbal medicines, Huang and Tuen, successfully created national modern agriculture. The industrial park blows the "assembly number" of the rural revitalization. Since 2015, as the fixed-point helper unit in Linyi County, the China Silver China Silver China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission has played its own advantages, and it has called for the financial industry. The insurance industry is involved in helping Linyi County to deplete poverty, consolidate and expand the ranks of poverty alleviation results. As a highly social responsible enterprise, Huaxia Insurance has always adhered to the company’s purpose of "serving the people", actively participation in helping to win the poverty battle, build a great cause of beautiful villages.

In August 2021, in the season of Fenghui County, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch organized the province’s internal and external employees to subscribe "Linyi Treasure" Plateau Ecological specialty agricultural products such as fresh lily, lily, all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, potato products, etc. "Donate in the purchase", "buy a generation of help" to promote agricultural income, help consumption, poverty alleviation, to help Linyi County to realize the revitalization of rural villages. Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industries Establishing Thousands of Households, with a poverty poverty, and a poor people. Since 2019, in order to implement the important instructions of consumer poverty alleviation, the consumption of poverty alleviation will continue to help the poverty, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch focuses on precision poverty alleviation, actively pulling the poverty alleviation and helps the advantageous industry .

  In recent years, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch actively participated in Linyi County, Gansu Province, Zhanjiang Yixi County, Guangdong, Guangdong Jieyang Huilai County, Guangdong Meizhou Xiyun Village, four poverty poor love to help farmers, call on Near 10,000 front and rear line partners in the province Buying, and use a new media such as a friend circle, WeChat, and shake and other new media to buy, continue to promote the development of Gansu dominant industrial lily agricultural products, and assist Zhanjiang to solve high-quality sweet potatoes, Yaozhu is difficult to sell, help Jieyang promotes the same sauce.

On the poverty alleviation road of the purchase of the industry, in the poverty alleviation road of the industrial development, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch has purchased more than 410,000 yuan of poverty alleviation agricultural products, support farmers, helping farmers to open up sales channels and help consumption poverty alleviation.

 Live broadcast brought the clouds to market new roads to help agricultural income in Huaxia, there is such a group of people, Wanshui Qianshan does not forget the time. They use truth and enthusiasm "warmth", they use their footsteps to measure the initial heart, "Love old compassion" is the love and responsibility they continue to practice, they do not have to be light, but always warm and light.

This group of people is the volunteers of Huaxia Insurance. In November 2020, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch links all levels of institutions at Qingyuan, Jiangmen, Heyuan, Zhaoqing, and Meizhou, etc.

Volunteers have fully contained materials and blessings and drive to the remote villages outside more than 100 kilometers. They visited 130 poor elderly and farmers. They used the insurer’s sincerity and enthusiasm to enter the people, and talk to the visitor. Putting up the hoe works and through the form of acquisition, the sale and other forms, fully helps more than 30 agricultural and sideline products, help poor farmers to get poverty and increase. In 2020, due to the influence of the epidemic, many agricultural products were unmarked.

After understanding the local situation, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch actively acts, combined with the company’s brand public welfare platform "Chongyang Action", through the field visit, after the sale, combined with the new media advantages to carry out the "Cloud Munch" activity.

Volunteers sell the local agricultural and sideline products through network live sales, helping local poor farmers to solve the problem of agricultural products, and also broaden the income channels of poor people. Consumption is poverty alleviation, and consumption can also poverty alleviation. The consumer poverty alleviation has a poor people with a broad market, the insurance industry as the "shock absorber" and social "stabilizer" of the market economy, play an important role in consumption poverty alleviation. On the road to help realize the great strategy of rural resurgence, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch will continue to force, to help consolidate the poverty reduction in the new model of "hematoprocket", for the beautiful life of the people, to play the insurance industry Industry advantage, let consumption povertyoven to the poor people "steady happiness".