2021 Chinese Good Crab Industry Development Forum held in Yancheng Jianhu

On November 29th, "Incidental Lake Fresh, Meets Jiulongkou" 2021 Chinese Good Crab Industry Development Forum and "Crab Wang hegemony" held in Jiulongkou Tourist Resort, Jianhu County, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.

This event was hosted by the Jianhu County People’s Government and the China Fisheries Association Aquatic Commercial Branch. 13 street (town) team from Jianhu County participated in the "crab" "crab" hegemony.

Jihu County has a gully and horizontal, the water network is dense, and the Kowloon mouth named by the Jiuhe collection has a unique natural advantage in crab breeding, adding the industrial positioning of the boutique crab, and has created the hairy crabs here. Fresh, fragrant, sweet ", also allowed the Kowloon of Jihu to become a good crab. The Chinese Good Crab Industry Development Forum analyzed the current situation and problem of the development of the river crab industry, built a communication and exchange platform for the majority of farmers and experts and scholars, and the future development of the Kowloon Hanzi crabs clearly developed. At the site of the competition, the 13 streets (towns) from Jianhu County came to participate in the competitive hairy crabs. A hairy crab is tooth dance claws, showing their quality and color, struggling to compete for the "crab king" "After the crab".

Jiangsu has a reputation of "fish rice towns", preliminary forming the three high-quality food, western specialty aquatic products, successfully created 7 national geographic logo certified trademarks, 313 non-pollution agricultural products, green food, organic food 313 . In 2020, the public brand in the agricultural product area is launched – the lake fresh, builds the green ecological agricultural products such as Jianhu rice, Jiulongou hairy crab, Jiulong mouth surf fish, Jianhu green shrimp, relying on brand cluster advantage, successfully opened Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong The national market has opened up international markets such as Southeast Asia.

In recent years, Jianhu County has actively promoted the construction of "Water Jiangsu" demonstration area, lending the water resources such as Kowloon, Xitang River, Shuanghu Park, Xitang River, and rivers, relying on the national non-Hairyai drama and acrobatic cultural advantages, high Grade scenic spots, national tourist resorts, all-domain tourism demonstration zone created, forming a group of ecological new landmarks that highlighting the beautiful construction lake, creating a new model of "water ecology + tourism" cross-border integration development, new benchmark, starting " "Ecological cultural brand brand" in Huaiyu Rural Township and Huaiyu. (Ma Yun Wu Wingjun) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.