China (Yunnan) Self-trade test area investment in investment in investment reached 100 billion yuan

On August 27th, the first anniversary of the establishment of the free trade test area in China (Yunnan) was held in Kunming. In the past year, China (Yunnan) Free Trade Test Area has always made investment to invest as heads, and firmly establish "investment promotion is the concept of life line".

The investment promotion project realized a centralized signing, total investment of 100 billion yuan. During the epidemic, China (Yunnan) self-trade test area actively explored the "Internet + Investment" model, carrying out various forms of "online" investment, "no face" investment, "face-to-face" is changed to "screen panel" "phone pair Telephone "Video Talk", etc. In the past year, China (Yunnan) self-trade test area has introduced a series of investment promotion policies, organizing the "cloud investment" promotion activities of the freedom test area, signed 27 cooperation projects through the "Cloud Signing", etc., and the investment amount is approximately 26.3 billion. RMB RMB, successfully introduced Pross, Huawei, India, China Rural Assistance, Yale, Huiko, Heng and other key enterprises, investment promotion work has achieved a certain results.

The third is to cultivate new modern industries.

The Kunming Film District successfully declares the first batch of "equipment manufacturing new industrialized industrial demonstration base", forming an advanced equipment manufacturing cluster represented by the cloud power, Taibang precision machinery, Kunjiang reloading and other enterprises; Zhejiang Kangnibei, Yunnan The provinces invest in the regional investment to implement industrial cannabis production projects; cooperating with Yunnan Stem Cell Co., Ltd. to build an umbilical cord blood, and modern services such as docking, layout financing, bonded logistics and cross-border finance and other docking, layout financing leasing, bonded logistics and cross-border finance Industry. Honghe Slice is surrounded by key industries such as processing and trade, large health services, cross-border tourism, cross-border e-commerce, paying close attention to the introduction of large enterprises, key industrial projects, and successfully signing up 3 million yuan.

The Dehong Fragment is fully utilized to "all-off" policies in the country, and the "Internet + Duty Free Shopping" development model is destined. Third countries have gathered the sister to show, sales, warehousing, offline shopping, online sales, In the district purchasing, etc., while carrying out, effectively expanding the type and sales scale of the third country commodity.

In accelerating the high gathering of the specialty industry, the Kunming district accelerated in the Kunming vessel, Northern Night vision, Nantian information equipment, etc. Equipment automated logistics system, intelligent control and other technologies are leading domestic leading levels.

The Honghe Slice area has built a technical intensive, high-profile, added value of the electronic information industry, building a national culture, ecological health, etc. Business "industry integration, building" one park double platform four service "cross-border e-commerce industry service system, nearly 20 duty-free shopping enterprises settlement, foreign goods more than 10,000 products, China-Myanmar cross-border express business volume Break through 10,000 pieces, daily through the B2C, C2C method to enter and exit 20,000 wraps around the border trade zone; the Emerald Network Live Platform in Dehong District creates more than 60,000 jobs, the transaction volume breaks through 10 billion, driving the total postal business The amount increased by 65%, the amount of express delivery traffic increased, and the delivery amount increased by 47%.

(Editor: Zhu Hongxia, Xu before).