Teach you to escape the tricky tragedy of April Fool’s Day

Teach you to escape the tricky tragedy of April Fool’s Day

Today is April Fool’s Day. Maybe you want to have a harmless joke with your friends. Maybe you have to pay attention to the traps around this day.

After reading today’s news from the YOU, you can figure out how to spend the day.

If you are planning to spend the holidays, there must be some tricks you haven’t seen before; if you haven’t planned, you will know how to avoid tricks.

Anyway, this day, our oneness is that jokes are not hurtful and decompression.

  Anti-daily tidying method ■ Tidy one: unpack the sandwich biscuits, remove the original sandwich, take out the toothpaste and squeeze an appropriate amount into the cake, separate according to personal “diet” habits, and finally put in the glue, air dry and wait for the toothpasteSmell it and then put it back.

Just put it in a conspicuous place, take a few more pieces and eat them on the side, or you can pretend to pass them around casually.

  Anti-rectification: Remember, it is best to reject everything that you can eat without spending money that day.

  ■ Tricky 2: Ask your friends to play the game “Big Change”.

Ask him to take a horse step, put a blank piece of paper in his mouth, and tell him that this is a preparation action to change him from this room to another.

When you are ready, you are helpless to call it: “I won’t change the living, but the living stool is like that.

“Counter Rectification: Magic, let’s be an audience yourself.

  ■ Trick 3: Put a shiny 1 yuan coin on the sidewalk with 502 glue, and then you stand across the road and wait, who can pick it up.

  Anti-Rectification: Don’t take advantage of it at any time.

  On the day of April Fool’s Day, we should pay attention to the following messages or similar messages: ■ According to MIT research, soaking the phone in water for 1 minute before calling it can completely avoid the radiation of electromagnetic waves on the human brain.Remember!

  ■ Dear users: Hello!

Because of the serious appearance and outdated style of your mobile phone, it has seriously affected the appearance of the city and hindered the development of mobile communication services. This station decided to send a signal to destroy the mobile phone after 10 minutes!

  ■ Some things should let you know!

Heaven is used to wind and rain; earth is used to grow flowers and grass; I am to prove the greatness of mankind; and you are used to stew noodles.

  ■ I am a lonely tree, standing on the roadside for thousands of years, just for the day when you pass by me, dumping for you . If you ca n’t beat me, you will count me as alive for so many years.

  Anti-rectification: After receiving the text message, you must read it calmly from beginning to end. Basically, you will know its true and false at the end.

  Anti-Computer Tricky Method ■ Tricky Method 1: Change the shortcut goal of some applications commonly used by colleagues. After clicking the shortcut to start the program, it is found that the program that is not the shortcut is not started.

Please note that the icon of the shortcut must be the same as the original program.

  ■ Trick 2: Adjust the display of your colleague to the minimum, with the screen as dark as the principle.

In this way, unless the other party is very careful, it is extremely difficult to find the real reason.

If he thinks there is a problem with the hardware, it is possible to replace his computer with “unloading eight pieces” to find out why.

  Anti-ticketing: To deal with the above two tricks, it is best to set a power-on password.

If you are unlucky, look out for colleagues who are too enthusiastic about helping you.

  ■ Trick 3: Before others go to work, loosen the power plug of the monitor or the plug of the mouse, so that when the other person turns on his computer at work, he will find that the display is black or prompt the mouse to find it.

  Anti-Timing: As soon as you arrive at the office that day, check if the various cables of your computer are normal.

  Anti-campus tidying method ■ Tricky one: Post a note on the door of the self-study building: Please check this building. Do not study by yourself. If you are inconvenient, please forgive me.

By analogy, the blackboard notice: Due to the maintenance of the line in this building, the lights will turn off after 19:00.

Or: Teacher ××× is unable to lecture due to illness, please students to study freely.

  Reverse Rectification: If you do not accept the teacher’s notification, everything will be normal.

  ■ Tricky 2: Prepare a jar of Babao porridge, a few spoons, and disinfect the desk with alcohol before class.

When the bell rings, the teacher enters the room and shouts, ask the owner of the desk-do not stand on the table, it is best to let the teacher find out.

The teacher asked about the situation and reported the student’s stomachache to the teacher acutely at the same table.

When the teacher turned around to write on the blackboard, he immediately spilled the eight-treasure porridge on the disinfected table.

At this time, it can be reported that the teacher vomited.The teacher would say: Hurry up and deal with it.

At this time, at the same table, front and back tables, etc. (the more people, the better), take out the spoon and start to eat the eight treasure porridge ., I have more weight to go up.

  Anti-rectification: Since you are a teacher, since you are with the young people every day, you have to figure out the thoughts of the young people. If you are successful, just have fun with them!