Autumn Travel Prevention Medicine Care Guide

Autumn Travel Prevention Medicine Care Guide

In the autumn tour, how to do health care, prevent disease, prevent accidents, and ensure a pleasant journey?

  Health care on the way to avoid all kinds of infectious diseases, according to the environment of the tourist route, do the necessary vaccination before departure, such as: type A and hepatitis B vaccine, influenza vaccine, tetanus vaccine, diphtheria vaccine, etc., may be infecteddisease.

According to the health status of the individual, prepare the necessary drugs before going out.

  It is necessary to add more water during the journey to maintain the body fluid balance inside the body, which can reduce the chance of stomach discomfort, while maintaining the elasticity and beauty of the skin. By taking the car and properly replenishing water during the flight, the incidence of infectious diseases such as influenza can be reduced.

Hypertension, hypertensive hypertensive patients in addition to pay attention to adjust sleep during the travel, control blood pressure, while adding water is particularly important.

Because of slender rides, by plane, you often have soreness and edema in your lower limbs. You should exercise properly when you are on the road, such as simply tilting your limbs, massaging your calves, increasing your waist and back, you can prevent sedentary body.Soreness, lower extremity edema, venous embolism.

Consumption of physical resistance on the way to travel, pay attention to adequate rest and sleep.

Especially for patients with cardiovascular disease, we must ensure adequate sleep and good diet, and blood pressure is elevated.

In the case of environmental changes, adequate sleep can reduce acne, black circles, fatigue and fatigue.

Avoid digestive diseases such as diarrhea during the trip, and treat dysentery as a key point in the journey to prevent diseases.

Therefore, wash your hands and eat cold food.

The spare drugs in the journey should be selected according to the physical condition.

Patients with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and medical history should bring symptomatic treatment drugs, as well as drugs for prevention and treatment of common diseases.

  Cold: Choose according to your own situation.

Chinese patent medicine: It can cope with the common cold symptoms and minimize complications.

Antipyretic and analgesic drugs: can relieve fever, relieve headaches, joint pain and other symptoms.

Antibiotics: Colds can often induce complications, such as bronchitis, lung infections, etc., so take antibiotics that are commonly used.

Antiallergic drugs: Astemizole and Chlorpheniramine, for allergic eczema, allergic rhinitis, drug or food allergies.

Anti-allergic drugs and antipyretic analgesics can be used to control nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and other symptoms during a cold.

  Indigestion: You can choose lactase, Jiangzhong Jianweixiaoshi, porphyrin.

Or choose proprietary Chinese medicines, such as ginseng and spleen pills, Baoji pills, and Baohe pills.

At the same time, it is also necessary to treat dyspepsia caused by chronic gastritis, nausea, vomiting, stomach burning and other medicines.

  Diarrhea: Generally, inflammatory inflammation caused by bacterial infection caused by berberine tablets, diarrhea, or alternative Chinese patent medicine treatment.

  Bacterial infection: To deal with bacterial infections in various body systems that occur during travel, a broad-spectrum antibiotic can be used.

When diarrhea is severe, it can be taken at the same time as berberine.

  Motion sickness: It can replace the motion sickness caused by exercise, boat, airplane and other sports, and discard the symptoms of motion sickness.

  Get on the fire: Because of the bad rest during the tour, it is easy to get angry. You can prepare the fire buckwheat flakes, Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets, Huanglian Shangqing Pills, etc., which can clear away heat and detoxification, when the sore throat is swollen, the gums are swollen and painful, the tinnitus is sore, the stool is unreasonable, etc.May be taken.

  With the above drugs, it is not enough. You need to properly prepare the following drugs: band-aid for accidental injuries; cool oil, for mosquito bites, dizziness; eye drops, for swimming or hot springs, gray sand into the eyes andEye discomfort; active oil for bruises, rheumatic pain.

Emergency treatment of sickness on the journey: fainting: Do not move at will.

First observe whether the patient’s heartbeat and breathing are normal.

If your heart beats and your breathing is normal, you can tap the patient’s shoulder and call out loud to get the patient to wake up as soon as possible.

If the patient’s heartbeat, abnormal breathing, or no response is found, the situation is complicated. The patient should be tilted, the head should be flat or slightly lower, and the back posture should be taken. The first aid should be performed by artificial respiration and cardiac massage.

Call “120” for rescue if necessary.

  Sprain: Before the patient’s sprain does not appear to be swollen, first use cold water or a cold towel to dip. After 24 hours, switch to hot compress and apply a moisturizing painkiller.

Wipe the abrasions thoroughly to avoid swelling.

A sprained wrist can suspend the injured limb to the chest or extend the affected limb between the 3rd and 4th buttons of the top.

Sprained toe, should sit on the ground, hold the ankle in one hand, grasp the toenail in the other hand, gently shake from the outside to the inside several times, then tilt the toes and then lift it up several times to relieve the pain.

  Fracture: In the case of a traumatic fracture accompanied by bleeding from a soft tissue injury, the bleeding should be stopped first and the wound should be bandaged.Then, the material is taken locally, and fixed with a wooden board, an alkyl group or the like.

First, put on clothing, towels and other soft objects on the substitute equipment, and then fix the injured limbs on the substitute equipment with bandages or cloth strips, pay special attention to the upper and lower joints of the fixed fracture.

If there is no equipment or substitute on the spot, the upper limb fracture can fix the fracture on the trunk. The lower limb fracture can fix the injured limb and the healthy limb together, and then lift it to the hospital with a stretcher or door panel.

  Cardiogenic hypertension: tired of travel, often induced or aggravated cardiac fatigue.

The patient should be placed in a semi-recumbent position, and the limbs in the limbs should be tightened with a cloth strip, and changed every 5 minutes, which can reduce the blood flow into the heart and reduce the burden on the heart.

  Acute angina pectoris: Patients with a history of angina pectoris should take emergency medicine with them when they travel abroad.

Such as angina pectoris, the first place should take the seat, do not move, while sublingual nitroglycerin tablets, taking Huoxiang Suhe pills or Su Bing dropping pills and other drugs.

  Acute gastroenteritis: Acute asthma is easily caused by unclean food and water during the trip.

If symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea or high blood pressure and abdominal pain occur, the patient should be taken to the hospital immediately for treatment.

  Acute biliary colic: If you put too much high-fat and high-protein food on the trip, it is easy to cause acute biliary colic.

At the time of onset, the patient should first be placed in a recumbent position, and the hot water bag should be quickly applied to the upper right abdomen of the patient. The thumb or index finger can also be used to press the Zusanli acupoint to relieve pain.

  Acute pancreatitis: Some people travel in the local cuisine, often go where to eat, overeating and causing acute pneumonia.

Once the disease occurs, the water should be fasted, and the thumb or forefinger should be used to press the acupoints such as Zusanli and Hegu to relieve the pain and promptly sent to the hospital for treatment.

  Anti-autumn dryness: dry weather in autumn, lack of moisture in the air, people are prone to nasal dryness, hoarseness, dry cough and less phlegm, thirst constipation and the like “autumn dryness”.

The diet to be prevented is mainly light, eat less oil, too sweet, too spicy, too salty, drink less sweet drinks; eat more coarse grains and add cellulose, minerals; more exercise can promote blood circulation;Many fruits and vegetables listed in the autumn contain the nutrients needed by the human body. They have the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, moistening and moistening the body, and are the best food for autumn health care.

Pay attention to eating during the trip.