She moves very carefully,Very careful,Treat equally,Like treating one’s own child。

Even if Zhu Xiaoguang made the bed by themselves,She will do it again carefully,The attitude of giving sincerely,Meticulous care,Let402The group of young people in the dormitory can’t help thinking of their mother。
Loving mother hand line,Wandering top,Close seam,Fear of being late.Who said nothing,Hold three Chunhui。
“Menglin,You don’t have to accompany me tomorrow,I go around the city myself。All of you go to class,Learning is a lifetime,More important than making money。”Mother Lu smiled gently。
“it is good!”
“Ok,Mother Lu,We must study hard。”Everyone nodded and agreed。
“correct,Menglin,Accompany mom to dinner tomorrow night。I have an old sister’s family in Shencheng that I haven’t seen for many years,They want to see you too。”Mother Lu said with a smile。
Wang Shaoxiao was agitated,Yelled anxiously:“Wow!Isn’t it a blind date??Aunt Lu,The kids on your sister’s side are boys and girls?how old?”
How lack of love is this kid!I can think of this in the blink of an eye。
I don’t know how Mum Lu nodded with a smile,Half joking:“Over there is a girl,Should be about your age。Old friend for many years。It’s okay for my family Menglin to make friends!”
I heard Mother Lu was so enlightened,The boys in the dormitory all laughed。
at dusk,Lu Menglin came to the north gate of Shenzhen University by appointment。