Chapter Two Hundred and Fortieth Yuan Qing’s rescuer
The days seem to have restored the peace of the past,In Xiang Chen’s words,Life alive,How can it be ups and downs every day?Even if the body is not exhausted,I can’t stand the mentality。
Return to calm,The daily occupancy rate of the inn is also steadily increasing due to the presence of Mo Mo,Coupled with Sun Youcai and Wu Qiao’s proper support,The cash flow of the inn also looks pretty impressive。
Also at this stage,Under the operation of Han Genji and Wang Xingzhi,Mo Mo’s prescription also began to operate in an orderly manner,Softcover and boutique application and first aid and beauty respectively,But the price is very different,After all first aid is used to stop bleeding,And beauty lies in removing scars,The cost of high mountains and long rivers in the middle。
And with Wang Xingzhi’s reputation and the Han family’s network,Not only the police began to equip this kind of first aid ointment called Fuyuan,Some large-scale games are also on sale,In the end, the military really wanted to plug in。
“I said brother!My brother!I’m as busy as my grandson,I took time to call you like this,Don’t you lose face!”
Zhu Ziqing on the other end of the phone has a slight suspicion of acting like a baby,Constantly follow Xiang Chen,Indirectly describe the purpose of this call。
“I tried this medicine,It’s really easy to use,The price is too expensive!If you want to consider,Come directly to Beijing,Brother, I’m definitely quitting all work,Take a good tour of the mountains and rivers with you!”
Xiang Chen holds the phone,Handsfree,On the other end of the phone is Zhu Ziqing’s reluctant chatter。Such a good eloquence,Instead of being a performance artist, I joined the National Defense Agency,It’s a waste of talent!
This is the mutual understanding between Xiang Chen and others。
“shameless!You said to travel,It was the crime scene?”
Mo Mo sneered at Zhu Ziqing’s invitation,Yao Yao’s mending is even more vicious。
“If we do go,Your intractable diseases,It’s all on us?Can reduce the price of the order,It can help you solve the accumulated old cases!”
Debunking friends’ scars,Friends are often handy,And Yao Yao still belongs to the category of people who are least capable of being soft.!
“Demon brother!You are a brother in the capital, I will save my life,Not to mention the grace of dripping water,But at this time, you can’t fall into trouble!It’s not authentic!”Side of the phone,Zhu Ziqing’s self-speaking mode has completely changed,Shirley next to him was mutilated for fear,I left Zhu Ziqing’s office early。