Everyone toasted to congratulate。

“Manager Chen,Are you sure?I heard that the financial strength of the blood legend is very strong,And they occupied the Internet cafe market earlier than us,To defeat them in this respect,I’m afraid it’s difficult?”Zhou Dashen asked with a smile。
This question is out,The faces of the others present changed slightly,Because this is also a question they want to ask but dare not ask。
Now Chen Tianjiao is full of confidence,The pinnacle of Li Bingmao,Who dares to ask him this kind of question,Deliberately touched his mildew?
but,If the person asking the question is Zhou Dashen,The effect is different again。
Chapter Four Hundred and Nine Tianjiao visiting
Chen Tianjiao thought a little,Three fingers stretched out,Pinch together,Smiled:“Don’t hide,I am 70% sure!Business matters,It’s more than just funds。I can’t say much,But Xiao Zhou, don’t worry,As long as you keep doing the game well,Don’t worry about other things。”
Zhou Dashen nodded,Smiled:“That’s true!I don’t understand after you told me,I only know games anyway。Oh,correct!Manager Chen,Director Bao is here,There is a little thing,I’ll just say it directly。
I’m considering adding a new idea to the game recently,But before every time I have to test it in the game,Must go through the planning department first,Apply again,Too much trouble。Or give me permission?”
Suddenly heard this request,Chen Tianjiao has not responded yet,Tolerant Xing felt a little bit in his heart,I narrowed my eyes。