Without any hesitation,Stay here one more minute,It’s a danger for the old city owner。

Those dark matter automatically fuse together after coming here,Turned into a black viscous fluid floating。
“go with!”
With Xia Chenglong’s order,The surrounding golden giant net began to shrink,At this time the dark matter can’t sit still,Actually started to collide。
To complete the control,Xia Chenglong directly poured in all the dragon’s breath,To ensure a success。
When the gold net is getting smaller and smaller,The range of dark matter that can move is getting smaller and smaller。
They began to rush outwards in a panic,But Xia Chenglong was prepared,Naturally won’t let it leave so easily。
quickly,The seal will be completed in a while,It will be over by then。
but……Just when I was ready to close the net,A cloud of dark matter stopped in place caught Xia Chenglong’s attention。
The other party didn’t bump around like other guys,Instead, it is absorbing the power of the old city owner。
Oversight,I didn’t expect these guys to know so much,From entering here to now,A long time has passed,If the opponent keeps absorbing after coming here,So far……
A giant golden hand headed directly towards the dark matter,Just when it’s about to touch,The other party is suddenly dark red light,Directly shred the golden hands。
Things are not over yet,The opponent not only swallows the power of the old city lord,Other dark matter has also become that guy’s nourishment。