This remark,Zhong Ming’s eyes brightened immediately,An expression of surprise suddenly appeared on his face。

Because the idea of Chief Wu Hao is so brilliant,This is a plan to drive tigers and wolves,South Korea will send a team later,I don’t know what it has been like here,Just use their power,Resist the Dark Race。
“but,We don’t have to count on Ye Korea too much,Finally, you have to rely on yourself!Use all the weapons and equipment of those flying soldiers,I’ll leave it to you。”Lu Menglin said casually。
He still has a lot to deal with,No time to waste time on such small things。
Zhong Ming gladly took the command,Take care of the rest by yourself。
Ten days have passed like a white horse,Soon。
Forward troops of the Dark Race,Has approached Sandstorm City。
Looking at the black evil maggots rolling over the sky,Everyone on the wall couldn’t help but have a tingling scalp。
The individual physical combat power of these black evil maggots is not too strong,Which is equivalent to between 28th and 30th levels,But their number is too large,Look around,Thousands,Overwhelming,Dyed the desert outside the city completely black。
Fortunately, Sandstorm City dug a moat ahead of time,Although there is no water in the river,But it has a depth close to four feet,Those sporadic black maggots just get close,Will jump into the moat,Then became a target for soldiers on the wall。
The soldiers in Sandstorm City use old-fashioned firearms that are contemporary with the earth world,Propelled by gunpowder explosion,The bullet is not powerful enough,Often hit three or five rounds,To kill a black evil maggot。
There are only a few special large-caliber sniper rifles in the city,To have the effect of a shot into the soul,Blast those black maggots with one shot。
but,There are very few special sniper rifles,Less than twenty,Facing a huge army of black evil maggots,Can only be considered a drop in the bucket,Can’t solve the fundamental problem。
Then there are the electromagnetic weapons that were picked off from the pilots,The technology of these electromagnetic guns was at least 20 or 30 years before Sandstorm City,Whether it’s shooting accuracy,Or the power of electromagnetic energy bombs,Are much stronger than old rifles,Basically one shot,no problem。
only,The number of electromagnetic guns is still too small,Fewer than twenty officers are equipped with such weapons,It is also impossible to resist the black evil maggots all over the city。
and,The plane team led by Master Wuhao,They have extremely rich experience in fighting against the dark races,Based on their judgment,These black maggots that are currently appearing,Far from being the true strength of the Dark Race Army,They are just fast enough,That’s why I assumed the role of the vanguard。
In the army of the dark race,There are many ten times stronger than these black evil maggots,Even a hundredfold terrible existence。
When those truly powerful dark creatures appear,This is the key node that Sandstorm City can hold。