“Drag this guy away,Don’t stay here and affect other people’s business。”Chen Xiu pointed to the half-dead yellow hair on the ground。

Brother Niu waved,The younger brothers hurriedly ran out of the store carrying yellow hair,Kept running for hundreds of meters,Brother Niu patted his chest and said:“Oh shit,Huang Mao provokes anyone like you,I don’t want to die fast enough like a dog。”
It’s a pity that the current yellow hair has already passed out in pain,I don’t even know what Niu is calling。
A confidant who came with Brother Niu asked carefully:“Brother Niu,Who is that brother Xiu?,Why are you so……”
“Afraid of him?”
Brother Niu said without mind:“I’m afraid he is not ashamed……I told you,I’ll turn around and leave when I see him far away,Don’t mess with him。”
Everyone looked at each other,The more I wonder what kind of fierce this brother Xiu is。
64 Buy a house
“Dog brother,Do you know how it disappeared?。”
Brother Niu throws this sentence,A group of kids were shocked at once。
Brother Gou is still the boss of their boss Niu,Some time ago, the dog brother, who was originally awkward, disappeared overnight.。
“Brother Niu,You mean the dog is for……For Brother Xiu。”
Brother Niu shook his head and said:“Although it was not his direct hand,But it was because Brother Dog provoke him……So I tell you,I’ll hide from afar when I see him,Know if?Don’t mess with him!”
This Niu brother is not someone else,It was the first time that Brother Gou instructed to beat the big guy Chen Xiu last time,Later, when Brother Dog was caught by Qin Zhi’s bodyguard and broke his leg, he was also caught together,It’s just a small person like him,Qin Zhi didn’t let the bodyguard start。