Think,He was hit by Anna in the side hit,Fell into the ground……There is also a nine uncle on the ground,He is in nine uncle。

“Nine uncles,Go chase them.,Have you do it??”
Nine uncles:“……”
Obviously you fly over!
Chapter 105 Just call it four blacks.
When Liao Wenjie picked up nine uncle,Two zombies broken,Rush into the dormitory。at the same time,Tunned to fade,Pushing out。
Dean is in the end,Holding a holy brand,Step by step back to the dormitory。
Two vampires wanted to catch a nun,Deep power,I can only look at the people to run away.。
Can’t chase,Dawn dawn breaks silence,Make the whole earth,The burning sunlight, Anna screamed,Father,I hurriedly set off the bed to block the window.。
The gate is also closed.。
Four small repair women crying and running to the backyard,Alert one night,Really,Even someone told them that they still born in autumn,They also recognize。
Nine Uncle is outside the window,Two yellow characters in hand,Want to squat,Burned this dormitory。
“and many more。”
“what happened,Ager,Is there anything wrong??”
Nine uncle stunned,Suddenly:“The bedroom that is broken, the bedroom is a little lost.,Two vampires are hidden inside,Rush into the entanglement,Telling interest,Dean will understand。Can’t,I can contribute,Find the village head to help heavy。”
“no,Fire is no problem,I will give my hands up.。only,It is too little combustion here.,Things to fight the snake,Isn’t it a pre-experience?!”
Liao Wenjie finished,Say to the autumn lying in the distance:“Autumn,Come back,Nine uncle is planning to help you Zhang Luo Mun。”
Qiusheng jumped,Waist is not acid,Legs are not hurting,I ran to two in front of one breath.。
Long tiger,Except。
He will believe:“Master,Jie Ge didn’t lie to me.?”
Nine uncle is blowing bearded and lazy to talk,Liao Wenjie nodded:“Life Events,Nine uncle is not cheated for this……”
Because he didn’t say it。
“Autumn,Nine uncles is to solve your life events.,Decided to burn a fire to the dormitory of the people.,This time,Tunned people will move down,I won’t say the month after the next winter building.,Now there is a very important task to give you。”
“Jiege you say,The younger brother goes to the fire.。”
“Go to the village master,Raise some firewood and fire oil。”
Liao Wenjie patted Qiusheng’s shoulder,Committee:“Nine uncle is good,Don’t take this time,In case you don’t have a clean,Harm yourself。”
“This will go,I will return it immediately.。”
I feel reliable in Qiusheng.,Burned the zombie and the following four little girls to Yizhuang,Solve him and Wencai single thing。It is worthy of your master,Baba on your mouth,I still hurt them in my heart.。
He runs while running,While nine uncle one arrow double carving、one stone two bird、The plan to be two programs。