Five tips to fight fatigue

Five tips to fight fatigue

Sub-health is a non-healthy state shared by most people, but when it comes to disease, it is not as serious.

On healthy tracks, our trains have a tendency to derail. If you don’t take any effort, it will soon have devastating consequences.

Most people today are looking for a way to relax and relax on the weekends. Today, I will give a few tips to let you adjust your body this weekend.

  There are many reasons why flirting causes fatigue, and emotional instability can make us feel sick.

A state of being overly anxious, too sad, and overjoyed is equally harmful to our bodies.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, shock, and shock as “seven emotions”, and what Chinese medicine calls “emotional illness” means that every emotion will hurt the corresponding organs-“Anger hurts the liver, it hurts the heart, it hurts the spleen, it hurts the lungs, and it hurts the kidneys. “Therefore, the calm heart is the key to health care in Chinese medicine.

Of course, maintaining peace of mind is easier said than done.

Here is a small plan for recuperating medicine: emotional activities belong to the five internal organs. Although it is controlled by the mind, it can not be separated from the diarrhea function of the liver qi.Drugs can make the liver air reach and feel comfortable.

  Do you have such an experience when adjusting your diet: If you eat a lot and eat well, people will feel sleepy, want to sleep, tired and tired of thinking.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation of the human body and need careful care.

There are two most important points for maintaining the health of the spleen and stomach: one is to have a light diet, and the other is to control the diet.

First of all, foods based on vegetables and fruits and a light predetermined length nourish the five internal organs, and the cold, hot, heavy, thick and greasy diet has a good taste, but it is easy to stimulate the stomach and damage the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, you should eat light and simple, and do not overeat, chew slowly while eating, and use the brakes to ease your body.

  The diagnosis and treatment of TCM is focused on the adjustment of the body and the mind. This is reflected not only in the profound philosophy of ancient Chinese medicine, but also in the use of many Chinese medicines.

Because Chinese medicine believes that most of the causes of general physical illness are caused by “disorder of mind” (that is, there is emotion). Disorder of mind causes anger, and qi disorder causes physical illness.

At this time, we can not use traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, we can also use meditation to relax and relax the breath. After the blood circulation is smooth and the internal organs are automatically adjusted, the state of illness and fatigue can be cured naturally.

  You are awakened to sleep and sleep for work, but your body is quietly injured on the ground.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long proposed the theory of “correspondence between human and nature” where human and nature are integrated.

“Sunrise, sunset and rest” is the basic principle of living in accordance with the laws of nature. If you violate it, the body will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and tiredness will follow. This is why we work after night shifts.Even if you make up for sleep during the day, you still feel that you can’t rest.

  Regulating the meridians is nothing more relaxing and less fatigued than massage.

But what is the effect of massage?

The so-called meridian means to make the body’s meridian air flow unobstructed. If the meridian is not open, the qi and blood are discordant and there are many diseases.

  For example, some headaches caused by tiredness are considered by Chinese medicine as “pain is unreasonable, and general is not painful”. Qi and blood can only run if the meridians are unblocked.

The reason why people become an organic whole is because the meridians are criss-crossed, connected to the internal organs, and externally to the skin and muscles, supporting our entire body.

So when you are tired, a comfortable massage will be the most timely and effective conditioning!