China Historical Research Institute learns Xi Jinping General Secretary to Yangshao Culture Discovery and the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of China ‘s Modern Archaey.

  Gao Xiang pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to historical research and archaeological work. On January 3, 2019, the Chinese Historical Research Institute was established. General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter, and accelerating our history of historians accelerated the construction of Chinese characteristics, academic systems, discourse systems, and promoted China’s historical research. Important instructions. .

On September 28, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech at the 23rd collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and the first system expounded the importance of archaeological work, the value, theoretical direction and practical goals. On October 2021, when Yangshao Culture was found and the birth of the modern Chinese archeology, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a letter. The achievements made by my country’s generations of archaeons have been given, and the role gives it. Fully affirm that the majority of archaeologists continue to carry forward the fine traditions, strive to build Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style archaeological presence, I am more expected, for the national archaeologists better show the Chinese civilization style, and promote China’s outstanding traditional culture. The direction.

The important speech and congratulatory explanation of General Secretary Xi Jinping is high, and the ideas are deep, rich in connotation. The proposition literature for the development of Chinese archaeological careers in the new era is a guide to the continuous prosperity of China’s archaeological career. It has an extremely important in the history of China’s archaeological business. Milestone. Gao Xiang emphasized that he will continue to learn from General Secretary of Xi Jinping on Historical Research and Archaeological Work, and profoundly understand the spiritual essence, profound connotation and practice requirements, and make General Scriptures Congratulations and Important Speech as a new era history study and archaeological work. Fundamental follows, as a strong ideological weapon that leads history research and archaeological work to keep in innovation, sustainable development. We have to fully affirm the major achievements made in my country’s archaeological explorations in China. The major breakthroughs made in archaeological research must fully understand the shortcomings and difficulties in my country’s archaeological work: many major theoretical issues and cutting-edge problems need to be solved, and the excavation of archaeological results. Squiring, interpretation work is urgent, the degree of discipline integration is not high, the service reality is not strong enough, and the construction of archaeological talent is facing some difficulties. In the new hundred years, we must unswervingly in the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era, socialist thinking, focus on academic innovation, do a good job in the transformation, talking about Chinese historical and cultural stories, working in the construction of talent team, strive Archeology of China’s characteristics, Chinese style, and China’s style, better showing Chinese civilization, promoting China’s outstanding traditional culture, and make new and greater contributions to the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation. At the meeting, Wang Yirong, a Chinese Historical Research Institute, ancient Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wang Yirong, a professor of Archaey, a Professor, Renmin University of China, a professor, Shandong University, a deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese History and Research Institute. Xinhua, Vice President Wan Jianwu, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection and Vice President and Vice President, etc.

  From the Institute of China and Academy of History, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Institute of Hospital, the Chinese People’s University, the Central University for Nationalities, and the experts from Shandong University representatives attended the meeting. (Editor: Wan Peng, Lephen Ling).