Deepen the reform of the ecological environment to promote the construction of ecological civilization

  After the general deployment of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the provincial government of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the importance of ecological civilization reform and institutional construction as the top of the province’s ecological civilization and comprehensive reform. Advancing. Qinghai Provincial Ecological Environment Department regulations and standards profoundly understand the internal requirements of reform work, and in-depth exploration of reform work ideas, and play a positive and effective role in promoting the reform of the ecological environment in Qinghai Province, and has been rated as a second Qinghai Province Reform Innovation Award. collective.

Recently, Yin Yaqi, the Regulations and Standards Department of the Ecological Environment Department in Qinghai Province, accepted the interview with the reporter, talked about the experience and effectiveness of promoting the reform of ecological environment in Qinghai Province. Reporter: In recent years, in accordance with the reform requirements, what reform tasks have been completed by the Ecological Environment Department of Qinghai Province? Yin Yaqi: In recent years, under the correct leadership of the Party Group of the Ecological Environment, the Qinghai Provincial Ecological Environment Office, the Regulations and Standards Department conscientiously implemented the decision-making deployment of the provincial government of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, on the basis of comprehensive implementation of the central ecological civilization system reform task, based on the actual situation in Qinghai Province And departmental duties, and focus on promoting the key reform tasks that can demonstrate characteristics, demonstration, and achieve significant reform tasks in the field of ecological environment, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.

We have developed the "Implementation Plan of the Reform of Ecological Environment Damage Reform System in Qinghai Province" "Qinghai Province Provincial State Administrative License List" "Qinghai Province Ecological Environment Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Reform Implementation Plan".

Two-year quality and quantity completing the research tasks such as "Qinghai Provincial Ecological Protection Priority System Research", "Innovation and Improvement Ecological Protection Priority System", etc., and proposes the reform of the ecological protection priority mechanism of Qinghai real demand in accordance with Qinghai Reform. Path initiatives, providing decision-making reference for the provincial party and provincial government to fully promote "one excellent two high" strategic deployment, accelerate the pace of reform in the ecological environment, and promote the modernization of environmental governance system and governance. Reporter: In the process of promoting reform, what key fields have achieved new results? Yin Yaqi: It focuses on promoting environmental protection fees, and has achieved new effectiveness in the construction of environmental protection costs, ecological environmental damage compensation system. In order to promote the reform of the environmental protection fee, combined with the actual situation of Qinghai Province, the amount of pollutant discharge is not allowed to use the monitoring data, the national standards, and the material scale scale method, "Qinghai Province, some industrial environmental protection tax pollution Emissions sample measurement method (trial) ", clearly corresponding pollutant emissions sample measurement method, ensuring the formal implementation of the" Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China ", the smooth collection of environmental protection tax in Qinghai Province. According to the overall requirements of the reform of the compensation system in the ecological environment, the "Implementation Plan for the Reform System of Ecological Environment Damage in Qinghai Province" is established, establishing an ecological environmental damage, assessment, consultation, litigation, compensation and ecological environment repair, etc., determine the ecological environmental damage The scope of compensation, the rights and obligations, the damages, the resolution of the compensation, and construct the ecological environmental damages system system in accordance with Qinghai Characteristics, in order to crack the unreasonable situation of "enterprise pollution, the masses, government payment", and ensure that the province’s ecological environment security provides solid Institutional guarantee. Based on the "three largest" to save the "three-wire one" (ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization online and ecological environment access list) to prepare implementation.

With the "three-wire" box, the administrative region is divided into a number of environmental control units into a number of environmental control units, and constructing the actual situation of environmental control units, and constructing the actual situation in accordance with the actual situation of the Qinghai Environmental partition control system, improve the quality of ecological environment, and maintain ecological environment safety.

  Reporter: What are the considerations in deepening the reform of the ecological environment? Yin Yaqi: The new journey of "14th Five" has been opened, and we will adhere to the requirements of the Ecological Environmental Governance System and Governance Capacity in accordance with the Campaign of Qinghai Provincial Party as a "Action Plan" to become the national and international ecological civilization highland, " Promote economic high quality development as a goal, focusing key areas and key links, strengthening the construction of the rule of effectiveness of ecological environment, and fully promoting the "three-wire one" results application, establish a more complete ecological environmental partition control system.

Bet better and more convenient business and the masses to start business, and further improve the work of "venting service" and greatly enhance administrative approval efficiency. Deepening the comprehensive administrative law enforcement reform of ecological environment protection, and constructs a fixed pollution source supervision system system with the discontinuation of sewage permission, improve the ecological environmental supervision mechanism of nature and protects, to effectively initiatives. Actively integrate into the national carbon emissions trading market, strengthen the supervision and management of relevant enterprises to perform control carbon emissions, do a good job in carbon quota distribution, performance, payment, etc. in Qinghai Province, and effectively play market mechanisms in implementing carbon-up carbon The role of and in. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.