Tune up health

Tune up health

The health caregivers of the past generations used the spirit of nursery and health as the law of health care and old age, and the medicine for preventing and curing diseases. “Huainanzi” said: “Shen Qing Zhiping, Baijie is Ning, the nature of nourishment is also good; fat skin, filling the abdomen, forAppetite, the end of nourishment also.”

“Su Wen, the ancient truth of the ancients” said: “The spirit is guarded, the illness is always?

“Describes “health is more expensive than the gods”, do not know the importance of raising the spirit, relying solely on diet and nutrition, drug nourishment, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.

Because human spiritual activity is a comprehensive response that is compatible with the external environment under the influence of the “heart”, the mental adjustment must involve many problems.

The method of adjusting the gods can be summarized as: calm and rejuvenate, ambition to raise morality, cheerful and optimistic, to adjust emotional feelings, psychological balance and so on.

  First, quiet and calm, it means that the spirit is in a state of indifference and tranquility.

Because of the cleanliness and no distracting thoughts, it can achieve the purpose of true memory and peace of mind.

The “quietness” here means that the mind is quiet, that is, the peace of mind.

The mind does not need to move, although it is static, but it does not move, but it is used, but it is not chaotic, and it is also “quiet.”

The quiet thoughts of our advocates are mainly thought-specific, eliminating distracting thoughts, not thinking about things, thinking about right and wrong, but thinking and stability, focusing on most of the work and learning.

  (1) The nurses are the gods of health and the first is in the rest.

This kind of thinking stems from the Taoist theory of Laozi and Zhuang, and the subsequent generations improve the supplement and development in content and methods.

Health care providers believe that the need to rest in peace is to raise the heart, Tao, Confucianism, Buddhism, and medicine.

“The Confucianism is righteous, the Buddha is clear-minded, the Taoist refining the heart, and all must participate in the study of the heart”, “Wanfa is ideal, and the Tao is ideal.”

The heart is the master of man, and it is also the master of the spirit of the god.

Refining and refining the gas and refining the gods must first start from the heart of the refining.”

When the heart is quiet, the god is clear, and the heart is determined to be condensed. “There is no need to raise the heart.”

Tian Xuanzi said: “There are six ways to raise the heart: the heart is wide, the heart is right, the heart is flat, the heart is safe, the heart is quiet, the heart is set, the heart is wide, so the million is also the heart, the heart is so sincere, and the heart is so peaceful, so it is neutral.心安所以寡怨尤也,心静所以绝攀缘也,心定所以除外累、同大化也’”(《道家养生学概要》)。Everything has its roots, and the cultivation of the mind is the foundation of health, and the mind is clear and clear, and the blood is peaceful and healthy.

  From the perspective of medicine, “Nei Jing” puts forward the idea of “dampness and nothingness” in health and disease prevention.

“Su Wen, the ancient naive theory” cloud: “virtual evil thief wind, avoiding sometimes; faint nothingness, sincere qi, spirit instinct, illness always?

“Su Wen, angry and heavenly theory” said: “The quiet is the meat and the cockroaches are closed, although there are strong winds and toxic, the evil can be evil.” Here, the two important aspects of the adjustment are reflected in the internal and external aspects.

Externally, adapt to the natural changes and avoid the invasion of evil spirits; internally, keep the emptiness, the peace of mind, so that the outside guards, the instinct is from it, the evil can not harm.

It can be seen that the gist of “darkness and emptiness” is to maintain rest and quietness, to calm the mind, to convey the emotional sensibility, to keep the spirits in the body and not to lose it, to maintain the physiological state of the human body and body, which is conducive to disease prevention and disease and promote health.

  There is no doubt that scholars at home and abroad attach great importance to the study of the relationship between quietness and health.

Physiological studies have confirmed that after the person enters the static state, the brain of the life activity center returns to the slow state of the brain wave of the child’s childhood, that is, the human aging biochemical indicator has been “reversed”.

It has been determined that the brainwaves of high-level qigong masters are significantly different from those of the average person.

The social survey found that after experiencing major mental frustrations and ideological blows, they did not get good mental adjustment, and the incidence of various diseases increased significantly.

Social practice proves that keeping the mind quiet, adjusting the health and practicing qigong can effectively enhance the disease resistance, reduce the occurrence of diseases and benefit human health.