A roll of bamboo slips at the bottom of the bamboo basket,Old man take out open……

The boy took the checklist,Went to the hospital cafeteria to fill up,But I don’t want to see Wu Changan as soon as I get into the elevator。
“You are right here,follow me。”
Wu Changan took Gan Yifan out of the elevator,Came to the parking lot outside the courtyard。
A woman got off a newest Hongqi car,Two big men in suits followed her left and right。
“Get to know,My surname is ning,Ning Xichen, Head of Chenxi Pharmaceutical Company。”
Ning Xichen is wearing a professional suit,There is a mature woman’s style all over the body,This kind of woman is very lethal to the average boy,It’s just that the teenager is not in this rank。
The teenager goes back。
“I have no ill intentions,Just going to talk to you。”Ning Xichen smiled,The fair and delicate face is full of kindness and friendship,It’s like being pulled by a teenager yesterday,The thing about holding a knife against my chest has never happened before,“People come and go here,Not a place to talk,Good coffee in the cafe next to it,You haven’t had coffee yet,Let me treat you to coffee。”
Young unmoved。
Wu Changan smiled vaguely,No matter how you look at his smiling face, he is not kind,“Yifan,Last night, Uncle Wu didn’t arrange it,Let a stranger go to your house,Uncle Wu apologizes to you。Mr. Ning made a special trip to see you today,I want to talk to you about cooperation,She is not malicious,Otherwise Uncle Wu won’t bring you to see her。”
“What cooperation?”
Wu Changan glanced at Ning Xichen,Said:“Yunji Island has medicinal materials that Ning needs,Others cannot go to the island,Only you can,So she hopes you can get medicinal materials for her,She will pay you……Ok,Just pay you。”
“how much is it?”
“One plant one hundred。”Ning Xichen said。
“One plant one hundred,Ten plants a thousand,10,000 for 100 plants……”The teenager calculated,Shook his head,“I won’t do it,I have money。”
“You cooperate with me,I will pay you back,Just give you another money,One month……Thirty thousand。”
In fact, the teenager has not yet clearly defined the amount of money,He didn’t know that tens of thousands of dollars a month was considered a very high salary in Ganning City.,Ganning City’s per capita monthly income is only in the early 4,000。
He thinks that the money is enough,There are ten thousand yuan in the mobile phone change,Apply for a bank card in two days,Another 180,000 credited,And he still has a lot of similar agarwood boxes sold,Including silver dollars,Other things for which the price is still unclear,Really need money,Take out a few,It’s okay for hundreds of thousands of minutes,He is not bad。
“I said I have money,Don’t come to me in the future。”The young man put down these words,I don’t care about Wu Changan,Turn around。