“Let’s have fun tonight everyone,Tomorrow must be a good night’s sleep,Maybe you won’t be able to run the car within a few days。My Lin Sanniang’s method must be clear to everyone,So I hope everyone abides by the rules,Don’t be an old man,Once seen through,Isn’t the ending a question of paying some money?“Boss Lin said,Sat down。

Someone saw that Xia Jian was here with Boss Lin,Hurriedly got up and gave Xia Jian a seat。Boss Lin said with a smile:“Lao Zhang!now it’s right,Know the time for the best,If you’re feeling lucky, just take a look,Xie Jie Le,After all, it’s not easy to run“Old Lin said,Then began to deal。
Xia Jian understood wherever he was sitting,It turns out that everyone is playing the most common and popular tractor nowadays。Three cards per person,Fast turnover,It depends on your luck,Second look at courage。
More than ten people are playing,The rest stand on the side watching the excitement。Deal a card,Almost finished。Such a game,Xia Jian is really the first time。
Boss Lin deals,The guy beside him holds a wooden board in his hand,Act quickly and accurately。A deck of cards was dealt out soon。Everyone started looking at the cards,When Xia Jian speaks,Half of the people have already folded。Because it’s the first hand,Xia Jian didn’t want to go,Took out the wallet,I smoked two hundred yuan and threw it on the table。
He is actually rising,It’s hard for him to start,Just have a look,If you don’t move,Must follow four hundred。Many people couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Xia Jian。
When it’s the second lap,This point has risen to eight hundred,But only Xia Jian and Lin boss left,One more person,This person is not someone else,It was the big man who was kicked by Han Juan on the ground。
This guy seems to have woken up from the wine。Holding a card in his hand,Keep rubbing,I really thought I was a God of Gamblers,It changed after such a twist。Boss Lin glanced at this man,A bit displeased:“Li Sanqiang!You are a son、Still woman,Could it be faster“
Words from boss Lin,Make everyone laugh。Li Sanqiang gave Xia Jian a hard look and said:“I watched another thousand“He wanted to crush Xia Jian。
Xia Jian holds his shoulders with both hands,Said quietly:“two thousand“His voice,Make everyone scream。After all, where is his card still,He didn’t even touch his hands。
Boss Lin,I didn’t expect her to fold the card。I left this good show to Li Sanqiang and Xia Jian,Thus,Everyone knows,These two people are now gambled with luck and courage,It’s also a question of how many bills you have in your pocket。
The current point has risen above two thousand,Who wants to open the card must be four thousand,This point is no small。Li Sanqiang touched the sweat on his head,Took a breath and said:“I’ll follow two thousand“He is wise,Kicked the ball to Xia Jian。Xia Jianming obviously blocked luck,The odds of this opening won’t really be great。
No one speaks,Looking at Xia Jian。Even Boss Lin is staring at Xia Jian,The basement is suddenly quiet,Everyone is waiting for Xia Jian to speak。
Xia Jian took a look at the table,Thousands of dollars have been thrown in since,Why not take a real gamble?。If you lose,He went back to sleep,If you win,He will continue to play。
He has an idea,Took out all the money left in the wallet,Counted,Throw it inside and say:“Six thousand more“His move,Everyone could not help but exclaim。
Someone who doesn’t even look at the cards,Dare to place such a big bet,Or he is very rich,Play around with money,Either there is a brain problem。