Step out,When the foot is on this step,Suddenly the surrounding scenery became hazy。Li Ming can only see a ladder that continues to stretch。At the same time, a lot of information began to pour into Li Ming’s mind。

“This secret,So worth it。。。”Li Ming’s eyes are full of excitement。
Open with Li Ming’s eyesight,This set of inheritance secrets is too high,Far from being comparable to those secret methods left by my teacher Hu Yanbo。
Have to say,Its realm should《Heart Mark Chaos Monument》Comparable,But the degree of preciousness is even higher。
《Heart Mark Chaos Monument》After all, it’s just a guide,And this god will inherit,But it’s a set of secret methods from shallow to deep,Just practice according to the secret method,Strength can naturally increase。
It’s like learning math,One side is just a reference book that lists formulas,On the other side, it is shallow and deep,Textbooks and teaching aids from elementary school to postgraduate entrance examination。
Of course the former is also good,Mathematics is a set of established objective knowledge after all,However, in practice, there will be differences in perception due to the subtle differences of each person—The former will not restrict the freedom of path choice of practitioners。
Li Ming stands in the56It’s been a long time on the stairs,Standing silently on the quaint stairs with closed eyes,I keep practicing this set of inheritance secrets in my mind,At the same time, the body muscles are constantly moving。
This secret method is《Secret Code of Gold and Jade》。
Secret Code of Gold and Jade,It is the fundamental law that contains gold.,The secret method supplemented by the law of wood。
Golden Violence,Death accompanying!
Verdant wood,Endless!
This set of secrets,Combine the cycle of life and death,Can increase their own strength。Step into the first floor,Have twice the increase in physical strength、The second layer is double。