The father of the big yellow duck is new to the new 25 meters big moon rabbit to welcome the autumn (Photos)

Original title: The father of the big yellow duck is another 25-meter-day rabbit to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival (Photos), the "Moon Duck", the "Moon Duck", the "Moon Rabbit" will be unveiled on September 4th. Taoyuan Dayuan Township Navy Base, Meeting Mid-Autumn Festival.

During the exhibition, the naval base is also open to the outside world.

  This is the "fourth child" of Huffman, Huffman still shows a consistent style, which will "extremely greatly", subvert the visual, 25 meters "moon rabbit" lying on the caban A double hand is like a rabbit lying on the big pillow.

  Hoffman feels that the jade rabbit in Chinese myth is very imagination, so she has created "moon rabbit", which is also the first time for "moon rabbits".

  The report said that "moon rabbits" on the 25-meter long stay in the sky. The "moon rabbit" appearance uses waterproof paper, will be supported with the wind, the wood plus the Lilong framework, the rabbit hair is made of waterproof paper, the lightweight texture can be blown from the gust of wind, feel the soft side, and the material Fully waterproof, not afraid of sun-raining, no potential crisis "Dahuang Duck" last year; if you really want to say the native enemy of the moon, it should be "typhoon strike". In the 428 hectare naval base, the Jingjing Art Festival uses about 40 hectares, and the exhibition includes the past military engine fortune, runway, etc. A glimpse of the mystery of the black cat squadron base. Yesterday, the Taoyuan County Government Culture Bureau organized the tour group, so that all the art works were presented in the eyes in advance, although the "moon rabbit" was still in the final details, but the "moon rabbit" on the cabinet It has been completed. "So big", "good love" is a lot of tour group members to the "moon rabbit"; especially in the combination of blue sky, the combination of the front green grass, it is like the true version of Alice dreams of Xianjing. Because the rabbit face is facing the sky, the audience can’t see the "moon rabbit", only from the low angle ". Hoffman’s work has always been "from ordinary, create an extraordinary vision", creating a sense of happiness from the heart, and the distance from the viewer. This work is also prepared for the local "2014 Taoyuan Scenic Art Festival". During the exhibition, the Mid-Autumn Festival is in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Huffman is attracted by the legend of the 嫦娥 and jade rabbit. It creates a "moon rabbit", successful combination time, place New creation atmosphere. Lenovo once a lot of rhubarb ducks, this time the big month, I don’t know if I will set off a wave of "chasing the bun"? (China News Network).