Shanxi Datong transition is looking forward to lending "digital economy"

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan September 13th, the first Shanxi (Datong) Digital Economic Development Promotion Conference was held in Datong on the 11th.

Participants believe that Datong has the conditions for developing digital economy, hoping to seize the opportunity, and will make the digital economy play "such as Tiger" in the development of transformation.

The conference site. This conference is the theme of "digital three Jin Jin, Zhizhou, the future", which is jointly hosted by the Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Datong Municipal Government.

  Datong Municipal Committee deputy secretary, mayor Wu Hongwen said that the digital economy will play an important role in the upgrading of Datong, and explore new paths to Datong and even the digital economic development of Shanxi Province, injecting new motivation. According to reports, Datong City will strive to be Shanxi Energy Revolution and Open "Profile" as a strong means of accelerating transformation and upgrading, innovation, introducing and collecting a number of high-tech industrial projects, including big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. New state project.

A picture reads what digital economic development has been understood.

  On the same day, experts from the country and entrepreneurs from all over the country representatives, with a new topic of Datong, Datong and Shanxi Digital Economy.

Many participants believe that Datong is the location advantage of "Northern Lock", promoting the deployment of energy revolution and industrial revitalization, etc., which is conducive to the development of the digital economy here. On the same day, Jingdong (Datong) Digital Economic Industrial Park was initiated in synchronous ceremony.

  Wu Maowen said that Datong will take the opportunity of the conference to promote the integration of digital economy and physical economic economy, promoting coal "minus" "super" development and traditional industrial upgrading, and traditional industries. Industrial development, ultimately realize the structural reversal of industries and the construction of multivariate industrial support.