How to make very nutritious grains more delicious

How to make very nutritious grains more delicious

The coarsest rice porridge “scrape” a small amount of coarse rice is characterized by a rich germ, which contains high levels of vitamins and cellulose. It is often eaten to reduce complications and diabetes, and rice contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the skin.Rough situation.

  The rough rice word is as rough as the rice, and most rice grains are also wrapped in rice.

Brown rice can be purchased in a general supermarket, and the appearance is complete, and the color of the yellow-brown or light-brown scented powder rice is the best.

  Before making flour rice porridge, soak the flour rice for about 30 minutes, then cook it like normal rice porridge.

Crude oil rice porridge can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, which helps digestion and nutrient absorption.

  But diabetes is best not to drink this kind of flour white porridge. Under normal circumstances, drinking white porridge directly may cause a sudden increase in blood sugar.

  Sorghum is suitable for making high-glutinous rice and making porridge for cooking. It is thrown a little rougher, but it is a lot of fine and nutritious.

  High glutinous rice is most suitable for making a kind of snack called sorghum. After grinding the glutinous rice into powder, add baking powder, sugar, egg and appropriate amount of water to the thick, knead the dough, steam the sorghum dough, and cook the pan.Slightly fried, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  Sorghum is not good for some people with poor rehabilitation. You can try to do some sorghum.

  For example, put a little sorghum on the white fungus or corn glutinous rice, which can add some rich taste to the soup that is already very nutritious.

  The most nourishing glutinous rice is better like rice, so there are also many places called it.

  Nowadays, more people like to eat glutinous rice, because the unique living environment of glutinous rice makes it raging. It likes to grow in a damp area. In many places, glutinous rice is planted in mountains or small rivers.

  A full-bodied glutinous rice is fresh and sticky, and many people like it, but few people know that glutinous rice has a lot of effects.

  Chinese medicine said that glutinous rice has strong bones and muscles, spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, remove rheumatism, clear lung heat and so on.

  Glutinous rice is a very good tonic for women. A lot of vitamin B1 can make skin smooth and white, and can also withstand the role of anti-uterine cancer.

  The glutinous rice is slightly cold, so it is not suitable for porridge or single consumption.

  It is very suitable for soup with some foods that can shrink the warming effect. It can be stewed with chicken legs, tomatoes and glutinous rice. It is not only easy to digest, but also very good tonic.

  Glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so try not to eat too much, especially for the elderly and children and people with stomach cold gastritis. When eating glutinous rice, be sure to eat moderately. Do not eat more.

  Long-term eating buckwheat noodles Soba noodles is a kind of gray-black flour, but don’t look at it, its nutritional value is high.

Soba noodles have a variety of food methods, but most people still use it to make noodles.

  The protein of buckwheat is higher than that of rice and flour, especially for children in the process of growing up. It is more suitable for eating some soba noodles. The lysine and arginine will make the children’s children’s height and speed.But when parents give buckwheat noodles to their children, they also need some alternatives.

  The most suitable combination of buckwheat noodles is cold salad with minced meat and cucumber. The buckwheat is cold and easy to hurt the stomach, so it must be soaked for a long time until it is soaked, tastes better and is easier to digest.

  Cucumber can make buckwheat noodles more refreshing and not easy to get tired, while minced meat is best to use mutton, mutton warm stomach, and buckwheat is a good match.

  The most suitable for eating buckwheat is the elderly and children, and occasionally eat a buckwheat noodle, the elderly can use blood fat, lower blood pressure.

  When children grow up, they are indispensable for buckwheat. Although buckwheat noodles are delicious, they are not suitable for breakfast and dinner. They are easy to damage the stomach, or they are not easy to digest.

  Glutinous rice is best for glutinous rice. It can also be used to cook porridge. It can also be used as a dumpling, but the healthiest and most magical way is to make it into a glutinous wine.

  Glutinous rice can help digestion, but also has the effect of calming the nerves. It can relieve the symptoms of fatigue and dizziness. These effects of glutinous rice are more prominent after changing the brewing of glutinous rice wine, and it is more convenient to eat, rather than limited by the amount of use.

  We can use glutinous rice, glutinous rice, lotus seed powder, yam coarse powder, glutinous rice, glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice wine, mix the right amount, mix the raw materials into the enamel pot, add some water, steam in the cage drawer for 1 hour.Take out the cold, stir in the wine, and place the pot in an environment of about 25 ° C. For about 36 to 48 hours, the raw material is fermented into wine.

  If you are sweet, you can add some rock sugar. The glutinous wine can be taken at noon and evening. It not only helps digestion, but also calms the nerves and makes the stomach feel very comfortable.

  In addition, glutinous rice spleen dampness, lotus seeds and yam spleen and kidney, sputum qi, all kinds of raw materials match, tonic and strengthen the body.

The novel glutinous wine is the most nutritious and healthy combination.

Five weight loss misunderstandings pointed out by nutritionists

Five weight loss misunderstandings pointed out by nutritionists

1, the more you lose, the better some weight loss methods claim to be reduced by more than 10 kilograms a month. It is unscientific in nutrition. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that one person loses 500 to 700 kilocalories per day, and needs 10 toIt can be reduced to 1 kilogram in 14 days. Generally, the first month of weight loss is reduced by 3 to 4 kilograms. It is more scientific to maintain 1 to 2 kilograms per month thereafter.

  2, the less you eat, the more energy you can lose weight to absorb the body’s needs, can not be reduced at will, the body needs to eat to supplement energy, otherwise the body will not stand.

Under normal circumstances, the summer weather is hot and requires less energy. After entering the autumn and winter, the weather is colder, and the shift that people need is relatively increased.

  The energy required by people is different for men and women, and the energy required is different. Men are divided according to the light, medium and heavy points of physical labor. The energy required by light laborers cannot be less than 1600 kcal per day.Below 1800 kcal, the amount of heavy physical labor can not be less than 2100 kcal; women according to light, medium and heavy physical labor, the energy absorbed is 1400 kcal, 1600 kcal and 1800 kcal.

Insufficient energy can lead to hypoglycemia, which can cause damage to brain cells.

  3, to lose weight to hungry people to eat when low blood sugar, if you lose weight by dieting, the body function declines, brain cells damage, so it will not be worth the loss.

  4, eat more fiber coarse grains Many people think that eating thick fiber food is conducive to weight loss, the more you eat, the better, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

It is recommended that people who lose weight consume about 30 grams of fiber per day. Excessive amounts will increase the burden of overload, and will affect the absorption of nutrients such as calcium and iron.

  5, eat green vegetables alone do not eat a single or two foods for the body’s nutritional balance is not good, should eat high-quality protein, cereals, vegetables and fruits, soy products and milk, flavorings and other five categories of food, balanced nutrition, justWhen the weight loss, the absorption of these five types of foods is redistributed according to certain standards.

The proportion of normal people is that high-quality protein accounts for 10% to 15% of food intake per day, doping accounts for 50% to 65%, and adults account for 20% to 30%, while the amount absorbed by dieters is redistributed.Protein accounts for 25%, half of which is plant protein, reconstitution accounts for 60%, and traces account for 15%. In addition, it is recommended to rationally eat three meals a day. In the three meals distribution, breakfast should absorb 30% of energy and Chinese food account for 35%.Three or four minutes to add 5% of the energy, dinner intake accounted for 30%.

The scientific method of weight loss is to calculate the food that everyone should eat every day according to the actual situation of each person. The professional dietitian can make reasonable and feasible nutritional recipes.

It’s essential to lose weight in eight autumn legs.

It’s essential to lose weight in eight autumn legs.

The stovepipe fight in autumn has already started, so you can put on your boots and pants for the winter, come on, cheers, sisters!


After doing a high leg lift exercise every day, you can do five sets of high leg lift exercises in the living room or room. Each group can take a break for each minute.

High leg lift is a good thin thigh exercise that moves well to the muscles on the thighs and promotes the burning of the aunt’s legs.

  Amy’s mm, don’t want elephant legs to follow you, want to put on a short skirt, then get up every day and let us exercise our thighs, let yourself have slender and slender legs!


After a meal, stand for a while or take a walk to eat, don’t directly touch it, so your aunt will accumulate in your thighs and buttocks.

It’s good to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen so that you can stand for a while.

do you know?

Standing for half an hour after a meal can prevent temporary accumulation in your lower body.

  If you have time, you can go out and take a step after dinner.

“After a meal, go to 99”, go out and watch the muscles that move to the thighs, absorb the conversion of ingestion, achieve the purpose of thin thighs, and make yourself healthier.


It is best to stand and wash while taking a bath for a while in the bath, which can consume heat.

Rinse with hot water for two minutes, manually massage the thigh; then rinse with cold water for two minutes, then massage the thigh by hand.

This repeated twice, can promote the blood circulation of the thigh, help burn the excess aunt on the thigh, and thus achieve the purpose of stovepipe.


Riding a bicycle is a very leisurely activity and a very fun sport.

When you have time, you can ride a bicycle to go out to the countryside or play in a nearby park.

I personally like this kind of exercise because riding a bicycle can very well reduce the excess meat in the thigh.

  During the cycling process, you can exercise your thigh muscles well and let it get enough exercise. The excess cockroaches on it will disappear easily.

Love the beauty of mm, you may wish to ride a bicycle!


Before going to bed, skinny legs can do some stovepipe exercises before going to bed, let yourself burn the excess aunt of the thigh before going to bed.

Here is a simple stovepipe exercise: sleep on the side of the bed, lie straight, lift the foot away from the bed, lift it to the same vertical as the bed, and repeatedly lift the foot for 20 times.

  Then change the direction and sleep sideways, and use the other foot to do the foot lift.

Until you realize that your thighs are sour, you can stop.

This is a very good stovepipe exercise. You should do more when you are still lying in bed. After a week, you will find that the muscles in your thighs are firm and the thighs become slender.


Eat more stovepipe foods, usually eat some stovepipe food, know what food can help you stovepipe?

Spinach can promote blood circulation and help adults burn. It is a very good stovepipe vegetable.

Apple contains malic acid, which can accelerate the body’s metabolism, and apple is rich in calcium, which can reduce the edema of the lower body. It is a good slimming fruit.

  Grapefruit is also very good, its trace is very low, and rich in potassium, can help the group to reduce the accumulation of thighs, the beauty of the mm can eat more.


When you go to work on stairs, you can take more stairs. If your company is on the 5th or 6th floor, you can go straight after lunch, digest what you just eat, and help the legs to lose weight.

Walking the stairs can pull the thigh muscles, promote blood circulation, and promote amateur burning.

If you want to stovepipe the mm, you may wish to walk more stairs, which will give you unexpected surprises.

A balanced diet is important for a person’s diet. It is not only about whether we are fat or thin, but also directly affects our health.
Do not eat too much junk food in normal times, and eat less fried food.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, they can supplement the vitamins and fibers that our body needs, effectively regulate the body, and have the effect of stovepipe.

Do not want the elephant legs of the mm, pay attention to the diet, remember that healthy food is less oil and less salt.

Five problems to be paid attention to by thin bodybuilding

Five problems to be paid attention to by thin bodybuilding

If available, take some exercise supplements during exercise, preferably with creatine and strong Cuban acid.

  First, exercise with a large weight, a small number of exercise methods, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing muscle mass, is a constructive training.

At the time of initial training, exercise should be carried out in strict accordance with the primary training program, but appropriate adjustments should be made in terms of time and exercise.


Exercise time is too long to reduce physical exertion, suitable for about 1 hour each time;

Use medium and heavy weight exercise (relative to your weight is relatively large, but pay attention to preparation activities and training protection to prevent injuries);

Do not practice too many times in each group, 8-10 times.

After 3-6 months of exercise, after the physical fitness and muscle endurance increase, the exercise amount can be appropriately increased, so that the exercise intensity and density are correspondingly increased.

  Second, take exercise supplements as appropriate.

If available, take some exercise supplements during exercise, preferably with creatine and strong Cuban acid.

Creatine is an auxiliary energy-supplying substance that can continuously increase muscle strength, speed and endurance, and lead to muscle growth. After taking it, lean people can increase strength, increase the stimulation of muscles, and make muscles grow rapidly. Strong barium sulfate has insulin.The activity can accelerate the conversion of protein and sugar in muscle and liver, and promote the body’s absorption of nutrients.

Generally, lean people take creatine and strong barium sulfate for one month, and their body weight can increase by 1.

5 kg.

  Third, in addition to the planned exercise, we must pay great attention to the daily diet and nutrition, so that the food intake exceeds the consumption, and pay attention to dietary balance, protein body, trace amounts, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and mineral substances.No carbonization.

  Fourth, persevere, can not be abandoned halfway.

Bodybuilding is not practiced for a few days or every month. Thin people need more time to exercise.

If you fish for two days in three days, do not strictly follow the training course, you will not achieve obvious results.

  Fifth, control other sports.

After thin people practice bodybuilding, it is best to participate in other sports activities, especially those that consume oral, such as long-distance running, swimming, playing football, playing basketball, climbing mountains, etc., especially for those who are not suitable for these events.

Because the consumption of these sports contracts shrinks, it is not conducive to muscle growth.

The elderly should pay attention to five points during the winter

The elderly should pay attention to five points during the winter

Winter is coming, it is a difficult season for the elderly.

Many geriatric diseases such as old and chronic, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc., have aggravated after the winter.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that daily adjustments, including self-cultivation, diet, regular living, and adapting to the environment, can be used as the yardstick for winter health care for the elderly.

Best of all, the elderly should go through the harsh winter, mainly pay attention to the following aspects.

  First, there is a diet.

In winter, the elderly can eat more meat and high-calorie foods, supplemented with appropriate supplements, but it should be stopped. If the food is too fatty, it will be debilitating and harmful to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Another example is the “Thousands of Gold”: “Winter on the 72nd, the province is more salty and harder, to nourish the kidneys.” In the winter and winter, you can eat bitter melon, ginkgo and other bitter foods, and eat less salty food.For health care, prevention has a certain effect.

However, if the physical condition of the elderly is better, there is no need to supplement the nutritional supplements a lot.

  Second, there is a constant living.

After entering the winter, the night is long, the old man should adapt to change, add clothes at the right time, and adjust the schedule.

In the winter, the elderly should sleep well and be regular, and “get up early and get up late”.

It is generally believed that the elderly sleep in the winter 7 to 9 hours is appropriate.

  Living often also includes regular defecation.

“If you want to live longer, the intestines are always clear.”

In winter, because of the inconvenience of going to the toilet, and the lack of activities, the elderly often cannot maintain daily bowel movements.

However, long-term incompetence of bowel movements, intervention will absorb harmful substances in the feces, will lead to the development of some senile diseases.

  The third is proper exercise.

In the winter, the elderly have less outdoor activities, but they still have to keep exercising.

Winter morning exercise can not be premature, should be carried out after the sun comes out, the activity should master the “degree”, “the way to maintain health, often want small labor, but very tired”, do what you can, and insist on it.

The most comfortable exercise for the elderly is walking. Walking can stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet, thus adjusting the function of the internal organs.

  The fourth is to adjust the emotions.

It is necessary to pay attention to the control of emotions, especially those with high blood pressure, and to pay attention to the regulation of emotions.

The old man should maintain his youthful heart and look at the people around him in a positive and kind manner. If he encounters a dissatisfaction, he must smile. The optimism of the emotion can penetrate the blood in the body and run smoothly, ensuring the normal function of the organs.

  The fifth is to avoid evil.

Exogenous genus refers to factors that may cause disease in the outside world.

The old man’s righteousness is relatively weak. Through the aging of the visceral tissue, its function gradually declines. If you feel the external evil again, the condition will be heavier.

For example, when infectious diseases are prevalent, the elderly have a high infection rate and a high proportion of complications.

Especially in the winter, the elderly are very susceptible to colds and often induce pneumonia.

Therefore, in the winter, the elderly should even keep warm and keep warm, avoid avoiding public places, and wear masks when going out.

Eating white food in the spring can eliminate fatigue

Eating white food in the spring can eliminate fatigue

Eating white food in the spring can eliminate fatigue. White is gold in the five elements, and it is beneficial to the lungs.

Most white foods, such as milk, rice and chicken fish, are rich in protein and are often eaten to eliminate physical fatigue.

In addition, white food is a relatively safe nutritional food.

Because of its low content compared to red food meat, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other patients, it is better to eat white food.

1, yam aloe stewed lily material: 50 grams of yam, 150 grams of aloe, 50 grams of lily, 500 grams of water, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: Aloe vera, yam peeled and cut into strips of water, Lily fine selection of the petals washed for use.

Take the clean pot on the fire, add water, yam, aloe, lily, rock sugar, boil and simmer for 15 minutes.

Efficacy: Edible aloe vera is rich in vitamins, which can be used for skin care and beauty.

Lily has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, especially for lung heat, thick or no dry cough.

Yam is sweet and flat, not dry and not greasy, can strengthen the spleen and make up the lungs, replenish qi and nourish yin, replenish spleen and kidney.

2, yam lily milk raw materials: 200 grams of yam, 100 grams of lily, 500 grams of fresh milk, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Yam is not resistant to cooking, and it will lose its taste when cooked for a long time.

In addition, yam can also be eaten raw, so it can be eaten directly with milk and it is very convenient and nutritious breakfast.

Practice: Lily has two kinds of fresh and dry. If it is dry, it should be cooked for a little longer, about 30?
40 minutes, then cook with yam.

Peel the yam and cut into small diced; the lily is peeled off and washed.

Take a casserole and pour the fresh milk. When boiling until boiling, add the lily and yam diced, cook for about 3 minutes, and finally add the rock sugar to taste.

3, ginkgo and loofah material: 1 loofah, 7 ginkgo, 枸杞 amount, 1 tsp ginger, 2 mushrooms.

The amount of salt, water 30cc, 1/2 tsp olive oil.

Practice: Loofah washed and cut into pieces; ginkgo, washed and washed; mushrooms washed and sliced.

Hot oil pan, add olive oil, fragrant ginger, add loofah, shiitake mushrooms in medium heat for about 1 minute, add 30cc of water and ginkgo, cook until the loofah is cooked, add 枸杞 and the amount of salt to cook a little.
4, white fruit yuba glutinous rice sugar water material: 2 pieces of fresh yuba, 100 grams of ginkgo, 45 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: first soak the glutinous rice for 5 minutes, wash it, pour eight cups of water into a pot, put the glutinous rice and ginkgo into the fire, boil over high heat, and simmer for a hour.

Then wash the yuba, cut into pieces, add, and simmer for an hour, add sugar.


5, ginkgo yam fried celery raw materials: celery 200g, yam 180g, ginkgo 50g, salt 3g, chicken essence 3g, chopped green onion, minced garlic, ginger amount, wet raw powder, a small amount of sesame oil.

Practice: diced celery, with yam diced, ginkgo simmered in water.

Add a little oil to the pot and stir the shallot ginger and garlic. Add the ingredients of Nick’s good water, adjust the taste and stir well.

Put the sesame oil out of the pot.

6, yam ginkgo stewed pork belly material: 50 grams of yam, 350 grams of pork belly, 10 grams of ginger, 20 grams of ginkgo, 1000 grams of broth, 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of chicken, 1 gram of sugar.

Practice: peel the yam and cut into thick slices of water, wash the ginkgo, cut the pig’s belly with water, and slice the ginger for use.

Put the net on the fire, add the broth, ginger, ginkgo, pork belly, boil over low heat for 30 minutes, then yolk stew for 20 minutes to taste.

Efficacy: Yam can treat spleen and stomach weakness, body fatigue, less food, sweat, spleen and stomach and kidney deficiency.

Ginkgo phlegm and blood stasis, convergence and dehumidification, can treat redness under the white belt, white urine, frequent urination, enuresis.


Two major therapies and six points of Alzheimer’s disease

Two major therapies and six points of Alzheimer’s disease

The two major treatments and six main points of Alzheimer’s disease, the elderly have entered the final stage of life, this health indicator of the body is slowly decreasing at the same time, so the health care work of the elderly is the most important, in order toLet the old man spend his old age, a healthy body is essential.

  How to treat Alzheimer’s disease?

First, many people with Alzheimer’s disease are very concerned about this problem.

Alzheimer’s disease is a manifestation of brain dysfunction in the elderly, characterized by mental decline, behavioral and personality changes.

With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Experts recommend two therapies: psychological rehabilitation therapy and overnight refreshment therapy.

  Psychological rehabilitation therapy First, we must be enthusiastic about patients, which is also an important point in the psychological rehabilitation therapy of Alzheimer’s disease.

Health care workers and relatives should care for the patient, pay attention to the patient’s personality, and also use the comfort, encouragement, suggestion and other methods to give guidance according to the psychological characteristics of different patients.

Patients who are emotionally pessimistic should arouse the courage and confidence of the patient to overcome the disease.

  Second, playing music is also one of the psychological rehabilitation treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. This is mainly based on the cultural cultivation and hobbies of Alzheimer’s patients, and selectively plays them to listen to the music to activate their mental emotions.

Experimental studies have shown that music can improve the function of the cerebral cortex, increase its blood supply and oxygen supply, and better regulate the function of the autonomic nervous system.

  Third, encourage Alzheimer’s patients to participate in some learning and social and family activities to spread the negative emotions and attention of patients to arouse their confidence in life.

  Tongqiao Xingnao Therapy – The Next Nobel Prize in Physiology Settled in China It is hoped that scientists and scientists will discover a new mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease: when β2-adrenergic receptors are activated, they will increase the activity of γ-secretase and increase the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.The production of beta amyloid.

Tongqiao Xingnao therapy treats Alzheimer’s disease through this new target, β2-adrenergic receptor.

These two important discoveries are expected to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology.

  Alzheimer’s disease destroys people’s consciousness and spirit. When the patient’s initial memory and thinking ability decline, they will soon recognize that they can’t recognize the direction, long language expression is difficult and accompanied by personality changes, and finally lose their ability to take care of themselves.

Chinese medicine believes that when people are old, kidney qi is debilitating, then the five internal organs are all declining, the marrow is depleted, causing the marrow to be less able to raise the brain, the brain is nourished and withered, the wilting is lost, and the five gods are lost and forgetful.

Studies have shown that senile dementia is based on kidney deficiency, blood stasis, phlegm, poisonous and evil interactions, leading to visceral qi deficiency.

  Under the strong support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research team of the Chinese Medicine Encephalopathy Research and Treatment Center of the General Administration Clinic has successfully developed the kidneys by means of molecular biology, modern spectroscopy, and ultrastructural quantitative analysis.The comprehensive and refreshing research results of Huayu Tongyu as the core have completely changed the situation in which the cure rate of often therapies is not high.

  1, phlegm and phlegm, stop the development of the disease by promoting blood circulation, phlegm and phlegm can decompose Aβ (amyloid) aggregation, can inhibit the formation of Aβ fiber structure; reverse the brain T (tau) protein adsorption of a large number of phosphateGather and destroy nerve cells; increase the amount of puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase that the brain self-replicates, can eliminate the mutated Tau protein in nerve cells and restore brain neuron density; inhibit β2-adrenergic receptors on the cell membrane,Reduces the transport of γ-secretase from the surface of the cell membrane to endosomes and lysosomes inside the cell, reduces the activity of γ-secretase, and avoids the production of amyloid beta, thereby slowing the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

  2, improve the memory and cognitive function of the neurotransmitter concentration of kidney and brain, the essence of the essence can counteract the reduction of skin acetylcholine content and choline replacement transferase activity caused by central cholinergic nerve damage, eliminating the damage of acetylcholinesterase enzyme fiberIt increases the content of glutamate and neuropeptide in hippocampus and cortex, and can improve the clinical symptoms of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, improve their physical strength, intelligence, memory, calculation and orientation.

  3, adjust the trace element balance and nutrient structure to increase the amount of transferrin in plasma, plasma transferrin and aluminum fully combine to avoid the formation of free aluminum into the brain to cause neurofibrosis and neurofibrillary tangles, avoiding transport ironThe protein releases ferric iron, which reduces protein denaturation and cell membrane damage caused by free radicals, thereby inhibiting degeneration and necrosis of the patient’s nerve cells.

Improve the content of zinc in brain tissue, smooth synthesis of enzymes and neurotransmitters in brain tissue, reduce nerve cell damage and brain dysfunction.

More supplementation of lecithin, ribonucleic acid, acetylcholine, can increase the neurotransmitter in the blood to help memory, improve patient memory, quality of life.

  The health of the elderly is a job we should pay attention to. We want to make ourselves better in our later years, and having a healthy body is the top priority.

Spring-friendly living exercise to prevent colds

Spring-friendly living exercise to prevent colds

Although the cold is mainly caused by a virus, cold weather can be a major cause of colds.

Experts believe that the cold makes the resistance lower is an important factor leading to a cold.

Studies have shown that winters have a lower resistance than summer.

The room temperature test also proved that when the room temperature is lowered, the lung function will be obviously damaged, which will cause the cold virus to invade the lungs and cause a cold.

  There are many common types of colds in the clinic, such as cold and cold, wind and cold, cold and cold, and cold (also known as flu).

Among them, cold, wind and heat, and cold and cold are common colds, mostly caused by common cold viruses.

The epidemic flu is caused by the flu virus, which is often epidemic or pandemic. It has the characteristics of acute onset, serious illness and rapid spread, and affects people’s work and life.

  Although it has already started in the spring, it is still warm in the early spring, when there is cold air.

Especially in many areas after the winter heating is stopped, the indoor temperature is low, and the cold should be prevented.

To prevent colds, you should pay attention to the following aspects: The life-friendly and suitable cold virus itself is often affected by the environment.

Among the various environmental factors, in addition to temperature, the most valuable now is the role of humidity.

For example, when the humidity is above 50%, the influenza virus can be quickly killed.

When the humidity is below 50%, that is, when the air is dry, the survival time is available.

The indoor air is dry, and the virus scattered by the cold patients can survive in the air and is easily transmitted to others.

  The occurrence of a cold in the air is related to poor air circulation.

The main route of infection for cold viruses is droplet infection.

When the indoor air is not well circulated and many people live together, it is the most effective infection site for the virus infected by droplets.

Therefore, prevention of colds must be taken with preventive drugs, and should also pay attention to window ventilation, air circulation, and less in public places.

  A sudden change in temperature and a constant temperature change is also an important cause of a cold.

Since the heating is stopped after the spring, some people use the stove, the electric heater and the air conditioner indoors, which makes the indoor air more dry and the humidity drop causes a cold.

More importantly, it is easy to cause excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. If the building is suddenly heated from a high temperature room to a building with elevated temperature, the adjustment function of the human body cannot be adapted at once, so that it is easy to catch a cold.

Therefore, you should wear more clothes when you go out, pay attention to keep warm and cold.

  On weekdays, the spring climate is changeable. Some people take off their winter clothes too quickly. When the temperature changes, they are prone to catch a cold. In addition, after a cold winter, people often lack exercise, resulting in decreased disease resistance.It is easy to catch a cold, which is most common among the elderly, children and the frail people.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and do more outdoor activities.

Walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, tai chi, etc. enhance the body’s resistance, and don’t forget to drink some water to replenish moisture after exercise.

To develop the habit of cold water to wash your face, it is conducive to improve the body’s ability to adapt to temperature changes.

  In addition, in the high season of colds, the family should always have some commonly used drugs to prevent and treat colds, and appropriate vitamin C supplements, because the vitamins in the body can not be replenished in time, which will lead to decreased resistance and a cold.

It is also possible to properly eat Chinese herbal medicines such as Qiju Shangqing Granules according to personal circumstances. They have the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, dispersing wind and relieving pain, and can prevent and treat fever, migraine, nasal congestion, toothache and other symptoms caused by external sensation.

Especially when the cold starts, it is taken in time, and the effect is more ideal.

At the same time, it is reasonable and reasonable to take medicine and strengthen nutrition.

Should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially red foods, such as carrots, tomatoes, etc., because of its overlapping β-carotene, can scavenge oxygen free radicals, enhance the vitality of macrophages, and have a good effect on antibiotics.

In the autumn, the main lungs can live longer and health.

In the autumn, the main lungs can live longer and health.

After the beginning of the autumn, it will become cool sooner or later, but still can cause the power of the “autumn tiger” during the day.

Perhaps because of this, you don’t think that summer has passed, but the maintenance of the body really has to change the way.

  Chinese medicine believes that autumn is the transition period of the human body.

Lung main autumn, lung qi deficiency, the body’s tolerance to adverse stimuli decreased, easy to produce sadness; lungs raise the main, so the lungs should be based on the principle of nutrition, appropriate tonic, in order to live longer.

  Professor Li Yuehua of the Xiyuan Hospital Geriatrics Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences believes that there are mainly the following points in autumn health.

  Living: Go to bed early and get up early, pay attention to replenish your clothes and prevent cold and lungs.

  Exercise: To increase outdoor sports.

Autumn is a great season for going out for exercise. Each person can choose different items according to their own situation, such as mountain climbing, Tai Chi, swimming, cycling, etc., which can promote heart and lung function.

  Diet: Be less sour and sour.

Eat more sour, such as apples, oranges, hawthorn, kiwi, etc., can converge on the lungs; eat less onions, ginger and other spicy foods, can avoid divergence.

Tremella, tofu, lily, honey, glutinous rice, previous rice, bean sprouts, etc., also have lung function.

In addition, the main cultivation in autumn, can be appropriate tonic, often eat yam, chicken soup, bone soup, etc., but should not make up too much, hurt the spleen and stomach.

  Drink water: at least 600 ml per day.

The dry autumn causes the skin to evaporate more than 600 ml of water per day, and must be replenished in the fall.

Usually, in the autumn, you need to drink more than 500 ml of water per day to maintain the normal humidity of the lungs and respiratory tract, but pay attention to a small number of times.

  Practice: take a breath and practice breathing.

Before going to sleep every night, sit in a chair, stand upright, separate your knees naturally, put your hands on your thighs, relax your body, inhale in your chest, and raise your hands and palms from the cheekbones from top to bottom.Tap from bottom to top for about 10 minutes.

Autumn cold care rules for the elderly

Autumn cold care rules for the elderly

More colds in the fall, mainly caused by “autumn cool”, especially the elderly and children have poor resistance, the body has not adapted to temperature changes after the weather has cooled, and the weather is dry, easy to be attacked by viruses.

  A cold is usually a viral disease. The symptoms are light and need no treatment. Just drink plenty of water and rest. After 5-7 days, most of them can heal.

At present, the symptoms of the common cold are mainly fever, runny nose, dry mouth and sore throat, and a few people suffer from coughing due to a cold for a long time, and vomiting jaundice and other complications.

  The main principle of clinical medication is symptomatic treatment.

If it is a cold, you can take Chinese medicine such as Shuanghuanglian Granule. If it is a simple virus infection, you can take Banlangen granules or antiviral drugs.

People who are weaker and more susceptible to colds, and those who have nasal congestion, throat itching, cough and other upper respiratory symptoms after a week, and take some vitamin C.

  It is best not to use antibiotics for colds, because antibiotics are not effective against viruses, they can only inhibit or kill the corresponding sensitive bacteria, and often have certain substitutions.

  Obviously, a cold caused by fever is an irreplaceable antipyretic, and an adult has a fever of 38.

It is not necessary to take antipyretics for less than 5 months.

In addition to the usual chronic chronic diseases or the infirm need to infusion, young and middle-aged people, as well as those who have better physical conditions, usually do not need to infuse. The principle is that they can take medicine without injection, and can not inject.

As long as you drink plenty of water to ensure a rest, you can recover quickly.

However, if you have symptoms other than cold, you need to take medication under the guidance of a doctor.