“Invincible,We don’t know how long we know,Now we are more than friends.,You make me feel hard.。”

“Snowman,You are perfect in my heart.,I really want to marry you.,Please accept me.。”
Say,Jiang invincible from his arms to pull out a delicate box,Instant of the box opened,Qin Xue lived。
The box is actually an apple.,And this apple is almost the same as Li Hui Rong.。
See Apple’s moments,Qin Xue couldn’t help but show a little bit of drip with Li Hui Feng.,Go to the resort together,Pressing the road together,Help her perfect deceived family,Ten thousand apples sent to send,There is no disorders because of the value of Apple.,Instead, she is afraid that she knows the value and is ordinary apple.。
This recall,She found,The advantages of Li Hui Feng have so much。
And then see Jiang invincible,She found that the eyes of each other are full of possession.,Slowly possess,There is no gentle look like Li Hui’s wind.。
“this is?”
Qin Xue is not known to see the invincible。
“hehe,This is invaluable treasure,This apple is called a station in the entertainment circle.,It is called holy fruit abroad,I also spend a lot of strength to get this one.,As long as you eat, you can still be beautiful.。”
“Forehead,This is too expensive.,I can’t。”
Qin Xue listened to the other party explained so much,In the mind, Li Hui’s appearance is like a picture of her apple.,Invincible with the river,She suddenly understood who is that people who love her.。
This is just a little gift that I am married to you.,Nothing for me。”
“Feel sorry,I can not accept,Because there is still someone in my heart,And I found that I really can’t forget the other party.。”
Chapter 442
Qin Xue said that this will get up and get up directly to leave.。
Seeing Qin Xue’s fascinating posture,Jiangsu invincible is also an annoyed,Soon,Qin Xue is the only woman who can’t get.,It is also the only woman who has some heart.。
As such a woman who makes him, there is still someone else.,How can this accept it?。
“Is it a student?。”
Jiangsu invincible this question very calm,But Qin Xue is able to feel the storm below.。
“no,Don’t think more。”
“hehe,Since it is not,Then I will play with him.,I hope that Miss Qin doesn’t stop me.。”
I heard the invincible called Miss Qin.,Qin Xue suddenly feels some fearful feelings,At the same time, it is also afraid that the other party really has to do it with Li.。
Although she knows that Li Hui is also very powerful.,But Li Hui’s power is just a power between students.,How can I be more than a few more than a big。
It is very likely that Jiang’s invincible sentence can ruin Li Hui’s life.。
“River invincible,You are casual。”
Say this,Qin Xueqi’s face is white,Directly step on the high heel。
And Jiang invincible is a big fire。
Pick up the phone directly to dialed a phone number。
“Hey,Give it to check,Previous studies with Qin Xue interaction,And what is the other party?,do what,Give me a clear。”
After the command,Jiang invincible, closed his eyes quietly waiting。
Soon, his mobile phone is sent.。
And there is all the information all of Li,Including Li Huihua, a thousand and five million contracting mountain farm, the land of sand, there is a record,Even the things of Li Hui’s greenhouse have also recorded。
See these information,Jiang invincible laugh directly。
I immediately took a phone number again.。
“Hey,Uncle,I remember the big cousin at home is the business of managing herbs in Hongli County.?”
“Has been removed,It seems that the father of the old man personally came out.,It seems to be a rural female doll,However, the rural female doll is the blood of the family.,Xu family thinks that she owes her,I just talked about love with the other side before.,I don’t know some of them.,But it can be sure to turn it away.,Other children from the family to manage。”

“Let’s have fun tonight everyone,Tomorrow must be a good night’s sleep,Maybe you won’t be able to run the car within a few days。My Lin Sanniang’s method must be clear to everyone,So I hope everyone abides by the rules,Don’t be an old man,Once seen through,Isn’t the ending a question of paying some money?“Boss Lin said,Sat down。

Someone saw that Xia Jian was here with Boss Lin,Hurriedly got up and gave Xia Jian a seat。Boss Lin said with a smile:“Lao Zhang!now it’s right,Know the time for the best,If you’re feeling lucky, just take a look,Xie Jie Le,After all, it’s not easy to run“Old Lin said,Then began to deal。
Xia Jian understood wherever he was sitting,It turns out that everyone is playing the most common and popular tractor nowadays。Three cards per person,Fast turnover,It depends on your luck,Second look at courage。
More than ten people are playing,The rest stand on the side watching the excitement。Deal a card,Almost finished。Such a game,Xia Jian is really the first time。
Boss Lin deals,The guy beside him holds a wooden board in his hand,Act quickly and accurately。A deck of cards was dealt out soon。Everyone started looking at the cards,When Xia Jian speaks,Half of the people have already folded。Because it’s the first hand,Xia Jian didn’t want to go,Took out the wallet,I smoked two hundred yuan and threw it on the table。
He is actually rising,It’s hard for him to start,Just have a look,If you don’t move,Must follow four hundred。Many people couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Xia Jian。
When it’s the second lap,This point has risen to eight hundred,But only Xia Jian and Lin boss left,One more person,This person is not someone else,It was the big man who was kicked by Han Juan on the ground。
This guy seems to have woken up from the wine。Holding a card in his hand,Keep rubbing,I really thought I was a God of Gamblers,It changed after such a twist。Boss Lin glanced at this man,A bit displeased:“Li Sanqiang!You are a son、Still woman,Could it be faster“
Words from boss Lin,Make everyone laugh。Li Sanqiang gave Xia Jian a hard look and said:“I watched another thousand“He wanted to crush Xia Jian。
Xia Jian holds his shoulders with both hands,Said quietly:“two thousand“His voice,Make everyone scream。After all, where is his card still,He didn’t even touch his hands。
Boss Lin,I didn’t expect her to fold the card。I left this good show to Li Sanqiang and Xia Jian,Thus,Everyone knows,These two people are now gambled with luck and courage,It’s also a question of how many bills you have in your pocket。
The current point has risen above two thousand,Who wants to open the card must be four thousand,This point is no small。Li Sanqiang touched the sweat on his head,Took a breath and said:“I’ll follow two thousand“He is wise,Kicked the ball to Xia Jian。Xia Jianming obviously blocked luck,The odds of this opening won’t really be great。
No one speaks,Looking at Xia Jian。Even Boss Lin is staring at Xia Jian,The basement is suddenly quiet,Everyone is waiting for Xia Jian to speak。
Xia Jian took a look at the table,Thousands of dollars have been thrown in since,Why not take a real gamble?。If you lose,He went back to sleep,If you win,He will continue to play。
He has an idea,Took out all the money left in the wallet,Counted,Throw it inside and say:“Six thousand more“His move,Everyone could not help but exclaim。
Someone who doesn’t even look at the cards,Dare to place such a big bet,Or he is very rich,Play around with money,Either there is a brain problem。

“Damn!Nor is it,But I am a little familiar with her,Occasionally just kidding,I didn’t expect it to be you,How offended,please forgive”Wang Youcai nodded and bowed,Respectful,After all, encounter such a thing,He might suffer a big loss。

The ugly woman snorted:“Because of your good attitude,I won’t pursue it。Wang Guilan transferred the shop to me,Find her at her house”
“Thank you!”Wang Youcai quickly pulled away and ran out,Just carelessly,Almost caused a disaster。In case this woman yells and calls the police,Didn’t he throw himself into the net?。I feel a little scared after thinking about it。
Wang Youcai has learned well this time,He raised his collar,Lifted the big mask up again,Only show two eyes。Then walked towards Ma Hongfang’s chess room。I missed Wang Guilan,Ma Hongfang should be a sure thing,Because the chess and card rooms are generally open 24 hours。
Ping city is not big,So Wang Youcai doesn’t have to spend much money,Came to the door of Ma Hongfang’s chess room。When he saw the seal on the closed door,Wang Youcai was so angry that he almost scolded。
To her grandma,What’s going on?Wang Youcai is almost crazy。Ran two places,But both places are missing,This is really hell。
Wang Youcai, who was a little unwilling, hid behind a big tree,He took out his phone,Hesitated to turn on the machine,Then I found Ma Hongfang’s phone number and called。
But it came from inside“The number you dialed is down”What the hell is this?Down,This means that this phone has been disabled,One is connected to the seal above the door of the chess row room,Wang Youcai has a hunch,There must be something wrong with this Ma Hongfang。It seems that this person can no longer contact her。
Where is he going?I can’t go back overnight.!bar,KTV,He can’t show his face。There are still some places to have fun,But after Wang Youcai’s careful consideration,He chose to give up。
He wants to call Wang Guilan,But he dare not。Because it’s time,People who go to bed early may be asleep,In case Wang Guilan sleeps with his husband,Doesn’t this mean something is causing trouble??
Wang Youcai flipped through the phone book,Lan Ling from Beauty International,Chen Na,Wang Youcai hesitated and didn’t beat them。This time is the busiest time at night,He hit it for nothing。
Suddenly he turned to Xu Lihong’s phone,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but stopped again。Although last time he called Xu Lihong,,People said she was getting married,But Wang Youcai doesn’t believe that such a woman can tell the truth。
Wang Youcai hesitated again and again,I still called Xu Lihong。Because he has no choice,Otherwise, I can only drive back to the mountains overnight。He can’t go because he stays in a hotel or something,What I’m afraid of is just in case。
The phone rang for a while before finally getting through,Xu Lihong’s joyous voice came from inside:“Yo!Wang Ge,Where are you going!The phone has been shut down during this period”
“What does it mean,The phone rang for so long before answering,Don’t you want to pick me up?”Wang Youcai asked a little unhappy。

Watching Wright look miserable,Maui is not kidding either,Said:“Third, you were sent back to the dormitory by the dean three days ago,We don’t know what happened,Ask them and don’t say,Our brothers had to take turns taking care of you every day,Are you going to treat me when you’re done?。”Half said,Maui couldn’t help but smile again。

Wright didn’t care about Maui’s teasing,But a little surprised:“I fainted for three days?!”
Maui nodded,“Correct,You fainted for almost three days,If it wasn’t for the staff sent by the dean and said you were fine,Just overstretched,We all plan to write to your family。”,After speaking, he knocked his head with his hands,Say:“Almost forgot,The dean came here in person yesterday,Want us to tell you,After you are well,Just go to shop 31 on Heishui Street in the Imperial Capital。Said there was a big man who wanted to see you!”
“Heishui Street31Shop?”Wright has some doubts“It’s not the black water street I thought?!”
Maui held back his laugh:“Is the black water street you think!”
Heishui Street,A street in the Imperial Business District,Although the name is very dark,It’s actually a flower street,But the grade is relatively low,Most of them are Orioles and some taverns,And next door to Heishui Street,Baiyun Street,Nice name,But it is the largest gold-selling cave in the empire。
Wright is really confused,Who would let me go?!
A few more days,Wright is getting better,Took time off from school management,I left the college to the Imperial Capital。
Nidal North City,The business district,Heishui Street is quite prosperous in Beicheng District,Although the grade is relatively low,But after all, commercial districts are not as generally rich as aristocratic districts.,Many small businessmen,The middle and lower-level employees of the Chamber of Commerce often come back here for fun because of their shame。
Wright wears a cloak,Crowded in crowds and walking in Heishui Street。Of course wearing a cloak is afraid of people seeing,After all, he’s a student of Puang No. 1 School of Magic,Where is the identity,Wright doesn’t like to deal with people,Dislike social activities,Doesn’t mean you don’t understand anything。Of course the students of the Magic Academy did not say that they cannot go to this place,But go to Heishui Street,Some downgrade,fortunately,Many people who come to Heishui Street actually carry their wives,Or pretending to be a businessman who is very rich but has already made a big loss,With the same mood as Wright,All wearing capes。and so,Heishui Street also has another name for Cloak Street。
“Twenty-ninth,30th,Thirty one!”Wright’s number,I found the first place in Heishui Street31Shop No.,Really hard to find。30th,Is a company called‘Pig Head Tavern’Shop,The mark is a dripping blood pig head cut in half by an axe,It’s a tavern everywhere in Heishui Street,Sell cheap drinks,Of course, the maids who come and go can also perform some kind of‘Paid service’。
Thirty-two is quite a stylish family,Villa houses with small yard,The door closed tightly。
Shop No. 31 is in the middle,There is only a small iron door half open,A wooden sign hung on the small door,It is a picture of a decanter filled with medicine on a small wooden board,Thanks to a roommate who has Maui, a part-time alchemist,Wright knows that this is the logo of the alchemy shop。
There is a dilapidated alchemy shop in Heishui Street—-This looks like a shop selling stimulants。
Several black lines hang down Wright’s head,Hesitated slightly at the door,Knocked on the iron door。
Ding Ding Dong Dong came from inside the door,With the voice of a young girl:“who is it,Door unlocked,come in!”
Walked in,As soon as I walked in, I felt a heat wave on my face,A little girl about eleven or twelve years old is standing in front of a huge cauldron,With a wooden stick(?)Stirring vigorously,From time to time, a few drops of sweat fall into the cauldron。
Wright dripped a few drops of cold sweat,The medicines sold by this alchemy shop will not have quality problems, right?。

And Huang Rong also knows,Dumb sergeant to pick up Chu’s deer,So calculate the Chu Deirers should come today.!

In addition, add the agency around the peach flower.、Array,I am going to make Ouyang Feng should also have it to be……
As for Ouyangka,Will be eyeing yourself,In fact, Huang Rong doesn’t feel strange.——At Luoyang,The two also have one side,That is, the time in Pingxi Wangfu。
When Huang Rong took a step by step,I hit the Ouyangki in the middle,Ouyangk’s martial arts is higher than her high,However, Huang Rong still makes a fraud,Escape from his hand……Mainly, this is a greedy,Self-sufficient style,It’s really no hand to Huang Rong。
At that time, Huang Rong felt,This person looks at your eyes,Let her feel uncomfortable,So I didn’t mention the Chu Deirers.,Just say everything goes well。
Ouyang Feng heard Huang Rong’s words,Can’t help but,Then think that the medicine is usually very“evil”,This is the case that the tutor of Taohua Island is so,So there is no transverse reprimand,In turn:“it is good!Huang Nie female really scarf does not let the eyebrows,Rectification of this world,I want to come in Taohua Island, etc.,Also really no settlement……
But if so,Yellow nephew should not contact me with my nephew.?Yellow nephews don’t know,After he met you in Luoyang,But the tea is not thinking,I am this very uncle’s first time I see him.。”
“OK,Since Ouyang Shu is so saying,Then let you come in a person.!”Huang Rong will army。
Ouyangke Wen Yan,Turmy,But……
Ouyang Feng looked at this peach flower,Several stone statues slipped over the track,There is also vague,Stone statue、The door is hidden in the garden……How to dare to let your own monochri in adventure?
Even in the heart:This kind of medicine,Although it is better than the Junshan’s no-with brother,But I am afraid that it is not the case.!
at this time,Ouyangk can’t shout:“Yellow girl, but also remembered that Chu is too old.?When I have passed Lin’an before the uncle,I heard that he and the Song Ting’s county is struggling.,I am afraid that I have already set my mind to do horses.,Will not come to you。”
Before this, the uncle is passing by Lin’an.,But just just passing through,Nothing specially mixed,Naturally, I didn’t meet with Chu Deirers.,Even the group of jade people don’t know。
Huang Rong wondered yet,She knows,Chu Deirers are afraid that they are coming.,More believed that the horse is absolutely pulling——He can have that done?
only……The woody clearing on the side has been fired.,Also want to ask,However, it is stopped by Huang Rong:“Soil,Rational!Where is the unknual county!”
“Yellow niece,Old man as an elder,This is to advise you.,Less and some people who are not three……Since the medicine is not,That may wish to,Huang Zhen female and old man go to Luoyang,After that, wait for your father in Luoyang,So silence to be bullied!”Ouyang Feng has some picture poor to say。
Ouyangke Wen Yan,Can’t help but have some small excitement,But by his uncle, his father is angry.,Suddenly converged a lot……
Ouyang Feng self-sufficiency,Playing with a conspiracy, although there is no burden,But usually do things but still——Such as true“Please”Huang Rong to Luoyang,I will never let Ouyang Classes at this time.。
But just at this time,Just listen……
What are you afraid that,I can also hear this is awkward.,What’s more, Ouyang Feng usually attaches a similarity?,Ouyangk is more。
The two do not be born because it is,Instead, I heard the melodious song of this.,Come and clearly launched the room on the road,Family of famous!
As for those who are?
Ouyang Uncle nature will not be ignorant,Even because I just said this person’s bad words,Now directly“Caouse”,Slightly awkward。
“uncle,This song……”Ouyangke found that it is a bit limited by its own interest.。
After all, he is most thinking now is,It is rushing in to put Huang Rong“Please”Come out and pity,But uncle did not agree,even……From him to see uncle father,His uncle is agreed,Also ask him not to pay more,One is from being able to lose his people on the island,Since it is necessary to be a friend,Still and your own“Old friend”Parents,That should still receive the heart。
Therefore, Ouyangku is not good.,Under the song of the lake,Also getting more。
Ouyang Feng Wen Wen Ye wrinkled,Whiskey:“Keep the heart,This song is not a way to confuse the heart.,You can’t even stand this,In the future, the Bihai tide of the brother will be held.?”
At the same time, Ouyang Feng is under the song of Swordsman.,Not too many different colors,even……Ouyang Feng faintly affedified——He doesn’t think,Now I will give Ouyangku.,What can be lofty!
Although I guessed this song,Affirmation is greater about the help of Chu Deirers,But Ouyang Feng’s self-sustaining the demeanor,There is no meaning of interruption。

“No。”Shen Yingjie shook his head tiredly,“Caught some cronies,Don’t know much about the situation,And don’t push it too quickly,Liu Jun is very unhappy。”

“Oh?He knows i’m with you?”
“expensive,I told him。”
“Is he okay,I used to have some prejudices。”
“not bad,I don’t feel much opinion about you,But he hates someone to intervene when handling the case。”
“To understanding。”
“Squint,I didn’t close my eyes all day and night,Don’t even eat hot rice,Don’t want to talk anymore。”Shen Yingjie closed his eyes after speaking。
Li Tianchou apologizes,No longer speak,After taking the time to pick up Wogua, I have to take a break and slow down the rhythm。
Even though he ran overnight,Fearful,But I still received Wogua,A middle-aged man with five big and three thick looking naive。This person was slightly injured,Under the left rib,Burns like a tail flame,The wound is very long,Wrap yourself in clothes,Keep away from others。
“The bullet was wiped from here。”Wogua is very scared。
“How many people attacked you?Remember what it looks like?”
“Did not remember,At least three or five people。”Wogua sad,Some hesitate to continue:“As for looks?,Covered face,One of them looks familiar。”
“Let’s find a place to eat first,Settle in nearby Huide County at night,Back to Fukuyama tomorrow。”Seeing Shen Yingjie is already very impatient,Li Tianchou thus concluded further in-depth discussions。
“That won’t work,My sister-in-law hasn’t settled yet。”Wogua does not appreciate,I don’t care about Shin Yingjie’s emotions。
“How about this,eat first,Then eat and talk。”Li Tianchou undoubtedly made Xi Ni,Drove the car directly into Huide County。It doesn’t matter whether he eats or not,It is common not to eat for a few days in Liuyunguan,But Yingjie Shen except for a meal on the plane,Almost no rice,And this wugu looks hungry too。
Randomly found a restaurant that looked quite clean,I asked for a small private room to sit down。After Woguahu has eaten Haisai,Tell Li Tianchou about the attack before and after。
Wogua received Zhu Lei’s instructions early in the morning,Let him take his family and leave Fukuyama quickly,That time is about six o’clock in the morning,Before Zhu Lei went to find Fu Erde。
For this news,Wogua is not surprised,Zhu Lei told him to prepare two days ago,And no one can mention him,Including his own brothers。

Dayan thought about it seriously,“No,But we can embrace the vast void together。”

Both Li Tianchou and Zhong Sanpu understood these words,Especially Li Tianzhi,Suddenly respect Dayan,Unexpectedly, the other party’s determination to kill the blood race was so firm,Embracing the void together is a bit literary style,In fact, we are dead together,Sounds light and light,But full of decisiveness。
Dayan has always disagrees with Li Tianzhen’s views,The attitude towards aliens entering the mortal realm has always been vague,Run against the blood,In addition to the disgust of this race,I’m afraid it’s more to fulfill promises,But it doesn’t look like that now。
As the guardian of the Holy Mountain Temple,Their persistence seems to be passive,But the execution is extremely firm,The things stored in the temple are too scary,Li Tianzhen only saw the temple of the gods,But get a glimpse of the whole picture,The nine halls should be consistent,Stored god、magic、Cents、Buddha、demon、Shura、The core energy of the most powerful among the most powerful among the demon,Unparalleled energy,Enough to shake the underlying rules and order,The word horror is not enough to explain the horror and importance of this energy。
Li Tianzhi is very grateful to Dayan for his trust,Such an important temple is open to him,So his confidence in Dayan also comes from this,But he doesn’t know the attitude of the other seven guardians,It’s even harder to guess the purpose of the mighty man in Dayan’s mouth,But does the existence of kinship threaten the safety of the temple?But why only Dayan shot,And the other seven are indifferent?
Li Tianzhen can’t understand,Metaverse is actually a world that is difficult to explain clearly,As a member of the heavens,But outside the world,Even in the long history, I rarely made my own voice,apart from‘Son of Metaverse’A glimpse,It’s hard for Metaverse to exist,Maybe because they are at the bottom of the universe,Have a transcendent status。
Anyway,Dayan’s attitude once again greatly encouraged Li Tianzhi,It also stabilized his confidence in defeating and destroying the blood race。
“Kindred endure for a long time,Well prepared this time,Inevitable,What do you think?”
“Wasteland is the focus,But you can’t ignore the three space rifts。”Dayan said and stopped here to look at Xiang Zhong Sanpu。
Li Tianzhi understands Dayan’s meaning,Zhong Sanpu thought about it and he probably knew what he meant,Although it’s shameless,But his own strength is not satisfactory,Staying here won’t help,May become a burden,And obviously you can’t care about anything at this critical juncture,So seriously,“I will go back tomorrow morning,No matter how many colleagues you can find,Make sure that the three fissures are intact。”
“Do your best。”Dayan nodded。
“thank!”Li Tianzhi saluted cautiously。
Zhong Sanpu nodded and stopped talking,He was seriously injured today,After drinking worry-free tea, I suddenly felt very full of energy,The injured viscera also feels much more comfortable,Know the magic and preciousness of this tea,So I went to the other side of the campfire to meditate and heal,No longer participating in the conversation。
Full moon,The night sky is like washing,The bright galaxy is like a jewel in a fairy tale world,Make viewers truly admire the vastness and vastness of the universe,Far northwest,An ordinary dim star suddenly burst into a dazzling orange-red light,Just a moment,Then began to slowly fall to the right side of the horizon,Pull out a long tail flame,Like a super comet,Finally disappeared in sight。

“If it’s really because of this,Then for us,Definitely not good news。”

Such a problem,In their hearts,Why don’t you know?
But now,Know。
But then,If something like this,There is no good solution。
in fact,Still not enough。
So here,Zhou Xinlin suddenly thought of it。
“By now,We can’t expect that much。”
“If you want me to say,We should still have this need to facilitate this as soon as possible.!”
When Zhou Xinlin said these words,Those people around saw it,Nodded again and again。
In that case,Then I can only do this。
As long as they are together,Take the lead,Get rid of Wang Teng。
Then then,All of this,It can be solved。
at this point,In fact, there is no doubt about it。
And look in front of you,Zhou Xinlin said directly。
“right now,It’s time for you all to make a decision。”

“I am actually deceived.。”

“Sister teaches you,How about it?”
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-one chapter travel to the United States
“Hey-hey,Sister,What are you going to teach me??”
Listen to this words,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Humph,Teach you how to bring Xiaoyan girl to come back?!”
“She must have feelings to you.,I don’t come back with you.,You only need me to teach you a word.,Then there is 100% no problem.。”
Li Hui Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s smile,Immediately:“Which word?”
“Good girl is afraid,Good man is afraid,You won’t understand this most basic truth.?”
“Forehead,These are not all rumors??
Really used?”
Li speaks through these words,But I haven’t worry about it.。
This time, Xu Ruzhen said,He felt some accidents。
“nonsense,Affirmative,When are you going to start??”
“Forehead,I haven’t thought about this.,During this time, I am ready to be more than a time.,I haven’t been with the sister for a long time.,I have already forgot the taste of the sister.。”
Li Hui’s words, let Xu Ruzhen are shameful and angry.。
“This is only a few days, you have to forget me.,That if it is more than time,Are you forgotten with me??”
In the face of Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui Feng is also a connected denial。
Next day,Xu Ruzhen also did not go to the hotel with clothing factory,Tour the mountains directly to play with the wind。
And Li Hui is also a matter of doing some things to do with each other.。
“Sister,Do you have to go back??”
Why ask this question?
Do you feel that I still need to go back??”
“Forehead,I do not know either,I feel that the sister has feelings for them.,So I will ask。”
Li Hui also doesn’t know why you want to ask this.。
“Go back,Also seen,They all think that the things are my fault.,So I will not go back now.。”
Xu Ruzhen said this,It is also full of loss in your eyes.。
Transient thinking,Li Hui Feng also understands that Xu Ru is more painful.。
He gently took the other party in his arms.,Gentle road:“Sister,Waiting for me to find her,We will fly far away.,How about it?”
“Go to a place that no one knows us,Go to a foreign peach source,how?”
“Listen to you,Where are you?,I will go with.。”
Feel the heart of Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui is also laughing.。

Chu Deer estimation,Considering his poisonous work?Really encountering people without special toxic means,Even if it is the level of Yue Yue?Who is a deer?。

certainly,If there is a toxic means?The tree is the peak、Yue Lao San’s level。
“Small teacher,You still shoot first.!Don’t say that the brothers, I didn’t give you a chance.。”Picking the stars say it is self-contained.。
In his heart?Now I have to do it now.?It’s nothing more than borrowing a small teacher.?Make sure other disciples don’t dare to resist yourself!
“Brother……You said,How can I be your opponent??And the teacher, I never thought about it.,What to fight with you?。”A purple said,Lightly,Drawing small red on shoulders,Flying out to welcome the enemy。
See no effect,Still quietly reaching out in a small red back——She looks like the Chu Deirers.。
Xiaohong disappointing out,Falling on the tree,After that, it seems that it can’t see Azi.!
Chu Tai Year’s bird is unreliable!——A Zi is somewhat desperate……
“Hey,In fact, if you are not a teacher, you are committed to such a big mistake.,For brothers, you will not be your hand.,Since you don’t want to first,That brother can do it first.!”
I saw that the star said,Aquard sleeve,Two groups of people with big green fire blocks,One left and right pocket,I hit it to Ai。
Aizi is quickly connected to the wolf to avoid……
Don’t say,A Zi is really a lot of machine,What is the name of us?,But this coat is climbed,Be some“Snake travery”the meaning of。
Although thrilling,But after all, I escaped two regiments.。
But this two groups of green fire,One left and one right,A bumper on a thick ancient tree,Two-interest kung fu,The other falls on the rock,Burned a deep pit!
at the same time,Siwei,And trees、Rock melting color,None, this is not a stars, it can really practice the inner to integrated iron.,But this green fire、In fact, it is a poisonous fire。
Temperature is only afraid of it is below the ordinary tire、bonfire,Just use to urge corrosive virulence,Truly terrible,Also poisonous!
Picking stars This is a typical poisonous work.,Not only your internal force is poisonous,And use some special props,Can play more stronger than your own martial arts,At the same time, the more of the martial arts、The larger the likelihood that is self-contained。
For A violet to avoid your attack,Picking stars is slightly surprised,Originally he wants to control the face and clothes that burn into Azi、Continuous with flesh,Make it pain but not fatal,Can brush more“majesty”。
So, for yourself, you are not serious.,Picking stars although accidents,But not acceptable。
“hehe,The little teacher is always hidden.!”Picking stars。
Surrounding disciple,At this time, I also have a good way.“Xiaoyan is fast,Don’t delay the time of your brother”、“Master brothers and gods,Firefly dare to fight with the moon”、“Brother,Let the brothers open a eye.!”
A Zi didn’t have time to accuse him.,Dead staring at the star……
When this time picking stars and then shoot,Six fires simultaneously,Blocking all the avoidance routes that Azi can see。
A loose happiness is not hiding,As a result, I will hit the wrist.。
Even if it is falling on the sleeves,Burning by this poison,I am still finished by my arms.。
But just at this time,A purity is suddenly feeling,A shake seems to have endless internal strength,From 自己 田、Palace、Mud pill,Three……
at this moment,Azi feels,Perhaps your true protagonist?It is the ancestral star……Do not,Is the queen of the whole martial art!
But just at the next moment,A purple saw,Above endless ocean,One“Ancestral、Three ways”Xian Mountain,There is a god stone,At this time, this god is broken.,I only see a top of it.,Look at it carefully……It’s not true?
Chapter 390 Ferry
Aizi feels that he must be crazy.,I didn’t see Chu Deiren Xia Guang.,Hurried out from the stone?
And I have to recognize,It is also this gods and broken.,Drive Pei Ran’s endless internal force,Erouting in your own body!