“All right,Don’t keep going。”

“Actually, I already told you,why,You still won’t believe it?”
Now,Following Wang Teng’s words。
quickly,Wang Teng swiftly faced his eyes and started to shoot。
But in front of Wang Teng,These people,You can’t resist it at all。
But looking at these,Actually here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, I didn’t think,What will look like this。
Just staring at me just a little bit,When seeing these,Wang Teng’s performance is very plain。
“Is it just this ability?,But I won’t talk about other issues for now,How to solve these problems?”
“I think,Should start with you!”
slowly,As Wang Teng finished,at this time,Wang Teng quickly started to shoot。
And in front of Wang Teng,Yang Zhiqiang in front of you,But there is no chance to react。
Because now,Wang Teng’s shot down。
Where’s Yang Zhiqiang in front of me?,I simply can’t bear such a force,The whole person banged,Fell directly to the ground。
See these,Actually Wang Teng,On the contrary, he was very calm。
These things,What’s up?
Actually Wang Teng,It feels very good,In fact, we should still consider how to solve these people。
And looked around,Wang Teng shook his head helplessly:“Ugh,After all,Still too weak。”

“Second uncle,That kid is what you want.,Do you want people to take him directly tonight??”

“Need not,There are other families in the scene.!It is mainly working tonight.,As for this kid, I will give you.,I didn’t remember that you seem to be interesting to Qin Xue.?
Look at Qin Xue to the state of the boy arm,The relationship between the two is probably not general,So you just want to get the kid,I dare to guarantee,Qin Xue is 100% is yours!”
In fact, no land analysis,Lu Tian also understand。
But there is an analysis of land transportation,He is more wanting to make Li Hui’s ugly。
“Row,Then give it to me.,I will play with their places to play in light people last year.,I am afraid that I am afraid I am bothering the business of the second uncle.!”
“Xiao Tian,This day, you are much better than my uncomfortable son.,Just rush your sentence,Take later, the rights of the land works in conjunction with you.,The worse the cleaning, the better!”
Lu Zi listened this,Laugh:“Need not,I am enough.。”
Say,He has to go directly to find a few buddies who have played on weekdays.。
at this time,Li Hui Feng is noted that Zhao Bingru and Chai Xiaoman are actually at the banquet scene.。
Why didn’t he think of two high school students will live in such a banquet?。
“Snowman,What big families in Huashan City is surnamed Zhao or surname?”
The first thousand four hundred and twelve chapters do not match the shoes
Big family,But there are several middle families!”
“However, there is a big family in the surname.,But the other party is the big family of Magic,Come here is just investment,It seems that there is no root plan。”
Li Huihe heard this,Asked directly:“The family is mainly what business is?”
“It seems to be a dry medicine and medical equipment,I have not asked,what happened?”
“nothing,There is a girl in our class, I suspect a child of a big family.!”
Qin Xue heard this and did not continue to ask。
Li Hui Feng, Li Hui, also found that Qin Xue’s charm is indeed invincible.。
Even if Qin Xue indicates that he is her boyfriend’s identity。
But there are still many people come over with Qin Xue.。
Even if you have to contact information。
However, it is good to be rejected by Qin Xue.。
Land Tian, which is not far away, naturally sees this scene。
He didn’t expect Qin Xue, will directly reject so many good men for Li Hui Feng.。
You must know that there are a few more than 30 years of business owners that have hundreds of millions.。
And a little Li Hui,There is a few hundred thousand cars in his eyes.。
“Miss Qin,Long-term name,I have been a meeting,Today, I saw you.。”
The land transported a glass of wine.。
He didn’t have a look at Li Hui.,Because he is afraid that he can’t help but kill。

“Have you known each other for a long time?”Xia Jian asked in surprise,Because of this, he seems to have never heard Ma Yan tell him。

Ma Yan snorted:“what!Did you come yesterday morning??I have known each other for less than 48 hours。Just over this day,He has sent flowers five times,Three times greeting card。Made at least twenty calls to me,I’m all off now”
“Hahahaha!This guy is crazy enough,He is in love with you!Maybe this is a good thing。look!Chen Feng’s brother is the mayor of our city,And he is an official staff。I heard that he still has his own company,Don’t you jealous?”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Ma Yan pouted,Hit Xia Jian and said:“Red your dead head。You think Ma Yan is that kind of person?Are you still pushing me to him,I wasted my heart for you”
Ma Yan’s words,Made Xia Jian’s heart tremble。The girl now is really bold,Dare to say what you think。Especially if this is the case,Most people don’t have the courage to say so bluntly。
“Hey!hungry,Let’s talk while eating!”Xia Jian quickly changed the topic。
Ma Yan stood up and said:“Go eat at my house!I’ve already arranged it,My dad goes to work,My mother is at home alone”
“Go to your home!I’m afraid this is not good!You know,I am afraid to go…”Xia Jian heard Ma Yan was going to take him to her house for dinner,It’s really hard for。
Ma Yan pushed him and said:“Look at your promise,My mother is not a tigress,Are you afraid that you won’t make it if she eats。Moreover,We are all from the same village,Besides, we are still colleagues,Just have a meal?Could a bowl make you our son-in-law??”
Ma Yan said,I laughed so much that my tears came out。This girl really dare to say,Such a joke,Xia Jian didn’t dare to drive easily。
But he changed his mind,Ma Yan is right,Don’t you just have a meal??Ma Yan is not afraid of a girl,What’s so scary about him。
Ma Yan saw Xia Jian reluctantly agreed,Don’t mention how happy you are。The office door she locked,So he walked with Xia Jian to her house。
Although they are all in the same village,But Xia Jian is not familiar with Ma Yan’s family。Ma Yan is almost leading him。And in recent years,Too much change in the village,Xia Jian was still a little confused about the southeast and northwest。
Ma Yan’s yard is not big,But all around the house。Xia Jian walked in,While thinking,Just such a daughter,Is it a waste to build so many houses?。
The courtyard is very clean,And also planted a lot of flowers and plants。Xia Jian while walking,Looking around。Ma Yan’s mother saw Xia Jian here,Ran out of the kitchen in a hurry,She smiled and said:“Breakfast is ready,Just wait for you to come back to eat”
“Trouble aunt”Xia Jian quickly said with a smile。
Ma Yan’s mother laughed and said:“What’s the problem with this,If you go back to the village,Come to our house for dinner,Anyway, do it alone,Do it for two people,Just add a bowl of water”
Ma Yan’s mother is only in her fifties,Very cheerful。It may be the reason why there are few people going to the land recently,Doesn’t look old。It’s like a laid-off female worker in the city。

The drunk Xia Jian shook his way and walked out of the hotel.,I found Chen Xia who was sulking in front of Big Ben。He laughed:“I’m not angry,Why are you angry,Really”

Chen Xia, whose anger faded, pushed Xia Jian into the car,Roar coldly:“From now on,You turn me into a dumb,Otherwise I will leave you in the car”
at this time,Ruth helped Alice into the car。Chen Xia glanced at Ruth and said:“Take care of her and sit down,Be careful not to knock。No alcohol,What big tail wolf,Talk nonsense when you drink too much,Really hopeless”
Xia Jian sitting on the big ben really didn’t say a word,He fell asleep as soon as the car started。When the car arrives at the Pingyang Town Government Compound,Tong Jie and Niu Li immediately surrounded。
“what!This time he is drunk,The seeds of black potatoes are coming at night”Tong Jie cried out。
Chen Xia smiled and said:“So many of you,Don’t count on him,Or help him into the room and let him sleep well for a while,I’ll talk about it tomorrow!”
Tong Jie smiled awkwardly,Then join Niu Li,Helped Xia Jian back to his room。Chen Xia opened her car door,Let Ruth help Alice in,Then they moved their suitcases from the Big Ben。
Tong Jie and Niu Li put Xia Jian on the bed,When they go out,Met Chen Xia。Tong Jie smiled and said:“Shall we leave tomorrow!You guys also drink a lot”
“Nothing,The unit is in a hurry,We must hurry back as soon as possible。Anyway, she sleeps in the car,Just sleep for a while。I gave him Xia Jian’s car key on the table”Chen Xia said,The hand holding the car key shook in front of Tong Jie。
Tong Jie:“Oh”With a,He Niuli walked away quickly。Does this matter to her?Tong Jie thought of this,His face was slightly red。
Big bed,Xia Jian sleeps on all sides。Chen Xia walked over,Put the car key on the desk,Then turn around,I watched Xia Jian quietly for a while,Can’t help but climb down,Kissed Xia Jian on the cheek。
Xia Jian’s mouth moved,Seems to be talking in a dream。Chen Xia straightened up,A sharp turn,Two steps out of Xia Jian’s door。When the door slapped,Xia Jian opened his eyes。

When Yuxing Company was in its heyday,Hotels of all sizes、bar、nightclub、KTVWait, there are 20 or 30,I can’t say that Rijin Doujin,But it’s also very profitable。

Many people sitting here were middle managers,Although it’s just a name,But there are five people and six people,Little days are very moist。of course,Must pay for it,The main work content and technical problems are fighting and protecting the site,This is also a daily homework。no way,You don’t grab someone else’s,Others will come to grab you,Because it’s not just you who want to eat。
Good times don’t last long,Two years have passed since my comfortable life,Uncle Geng suddenly got involvedSZThe city is in a fierce gang fight,And without expecting this involvement, it’s hard to get rid of it。Revenge and being revenge became the main theme,After years of fighting and killing,Let this bunch of rough embryos that just look a little back instantly,Also made Uncle Geng exhausted,Finally a retreat came into being。
As Uncle Geng suddenly announced his withdrawal from the arena,Yuxing Company finally became a small Yuxing Motor Company,Many industries were sold in a very short time,Later disappeared completely。After that, of course everyone is scattered,Walk away,The bustling Yuxing Company faded out of people’s vision in a very quiet way,Suddenly disappeared in the big dye vat of Jianghu,Didn’t even blisters。
Uncle Geng is going to reorganize the company,Does that mean that he will really come back out of the world?,How does this make everyone not excited?But suddenly announced it during the severe illness,Somewhat weird,Could it be that Uncle Geng’s body healed so quickly?
When everyone is not sure,Uncle Geng said the third sentence,It seems to see through everyone’s mind,He announced that he was going out for treatment soon,Do not participate in the formation and daily management of the company,Uncle Hai will be the consultant of Xinyuxing Company,The family announced in three days。
The third sentence is the key,Immediately caused an uproar,Everyone is rough,No habit of whispering,So there was a lot of discussion,The voice is still very loud,In an instant the yard became noisy,Until Uncle Geng waved his hand continuously,The voice was suppressed。
There are two sensitive points,Made everyone’s eyes rounded。First, Uncle Geng announced that he would not participate in the new company,Does it mean that he completely withdrew,And the reason for the treatment seems impeccable,Many people feel that they have lost their backbone,Emotionally unacceptable for a while。
But the highlight is the second point,Who will be the head of the new company?Why did you announce it in three days?Many people looked at Li Tianchou and Peng Weihua,Hope to find the answer from the faces of these two people,But it’s obviously unreliable。
While everyone is still dizzy,Uncle Geng said the last words before the opening,“No matter what,I will always watch the growth and development of Yuxing Company,Hope you won’t let me down。Dinner now。”
“uncle,I have something to say。”A series of unexpected news plus being kept staring at everyone,Peng Weihua is a little dizzy,He couldn’t help but raised his hand high。
“I said,Dinner now。I have something to say in my room after dinner。”Uncle Geng unceremoniously blocked Peng Weihua back。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Get off the horse
Peng Weihua was photographed back by Uncle Geng’s cold words,Naturally, the boss is unwilling,Especially in front of everyone,Keep him from coming to stage,So my face is blue,Sitting there panting。
Somewhat cold,The mentality of everyone present has undergone a subtle change in an instant,Uncle Geng looks abnormal today,He rarely targets a certain person with such a stern face in the public.,And Peng Weihua is also abnormal,Seems a little hastily。
So everyone turned their attention to Li Tianchou again,This person sits in danger from beginning to end,The expression on the face has not changed at all,It’s hidden deep?Could it be that he will be the head of the family three days later?It means something like,My day!That’s not going to change the sky?This is what Nie Tao thought,But he is definitely not the only one who has this idea。
Just a short time,Hai bald suddenly stood up,He cleared his throat,“What Brother said just now didn’t look like a toast,But very important。What he wants to tell everyone is what to do in the future……what?Right?How do you describe a buzzword??”
“planning。”Broad bean reached out and shouted。

“Lord,But where should we start??”

Actually these words,I just asked the idea directly。
Wang Teng saw these,I’m thinking about it here in secret。
Actually start now,Other things,For the time being, there is nothing to continue tangling。
But the more so,Actually looking at all this,Now,Wang Teng itself,I didn’t think,How much impact。
“All right,In fact, if everyone wants,I think,Next,You can start from many aspects together!”
“In this case,Then you can wait for news from me!”
Actually now,Treat these things,Wang Teng was also a bit blind。
So here,Actually Wang Teng himself,On the contrary, I can’t figure it out at all,What are the reasons for this?。
But after seeing this scene,at this time,Wang Teng’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
slowly,Seeing these,Now,Wang Teng shrugged slightly。
“Interesting,But for now,They now,Actually, it should also start targeting us。”
“So start now,As long as we continue in this direction,Then then,They are dead!”
When Wang Teng didn’t forget to speak here,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,These things,On the contrary, there is no doubt that it has come。
And Wang Teng’s side,The people around nodded。
but,When everyone comes to Qianhua Building,I have been completely shocked by this scene。
After all, now,These things,In fact, it’s already here in its original form。
And looking at these,Wang Teng smiled。
“Don’t feel shocked,These ones,But it’s just the beginning。”
Even in Wang Teng’s look,Next,Just need to start around this thing。

Juvenile embarrassment,But I can’t remember where I reprimanded any animal。

“You follow the sound,Not by my Lieyang Palace,But also related to this。The fire from the sky comes out of the sun palace,Crucifixion of the Golden Crow,Unable to save himself,I brought you here,This little guy has very thin skin,Don’t say anything if you suffer,Except for the long worm,No one can enter my Lieyang Palace,You are an exception。”
Teenager surprised,Getting harder and easier to interrupt,What the other party said,He seems to have experience,It just happened,But I can’t remember the cause and effect,What is that long worm??
“also,I have some fate with the old thing in the Temple of the Five Elements,He has gone,And treat you as a descendant,That lunch is really a coincidence,I just understood your experience,If you don’t reach out to help,Can’t justify。”
Lieyang Ancient God is talking,I pulled down the golden bead from the high crown,He threw it to the three-legged golden crow on the left on the thirteenth floor,The bird opened its mouth and held the bead,Flap and fly。
“Thirteen,Just let this boy go。”
“and many more,Ancient god,Since you have friendship with the Holy Spirit,I want to ask about the whereabouts of Huo Tianzun,Please show me。”The gate of the boy’s memory suddenly opened,Thinking of the first thing, I opened my mouth and shouted,But in front of me,The three-legged golden crow with beads is flying towards you,Rushed into his forehead with a boom。
The teenager yelled,Hold forehead with both hands,But I didn’t realize how terrified it was,Open your eyes again,The scenery in front of you has all changed,The vast and bright Sun Lieyang Palace is gone,Replaced by still full of bright red raging fire,It still looks like inside the Twelve Peaks Cave,The difference is that there is a very strong man crouching in front of the boy。
This man looks evil,Seems familiar between eyebrows,But at the moment describe miserable,It hurts almost from head to toe,Take a closer look,In many places, new injuries and old injuries are still added,A look of sorrow,Staring at the teenager。
“who are you?Is this still Twelve Peaks??”
“Uh……Young Palace Master,Twelve Peaks,You have been asleep for ten days。”
“what?you are……”Young man can’t believe it,But after seeing a young dragon head suddenly emerge from the back of the big man,Finally understand this big man,It’s actually that unruly lava dragon。
“The subordinate is the red dragon。”The big guy is really good,Not only stop being arrogant,And respectful,Also briefly talked about what happened in the past ten days,In order to break out of the twelve peaks,The Red Dragon went out to fight at least two dozen,Every one is defeated,Not conceal,Don’t hide the ugly,I really can’t beat that Li Tan。
Tianzun level powerhouse is indeed terrible,Don’t say the red dragon can’t beat,Even if the five elders of the Five Elements Palace are added together, they are not their opponents.,Besides, there is another Tianzun-level expert watching the wind and sweeping array from a distance.,Not send。

Suddenly Chu Deirers think,Going to Mingjiao a few steps,Asked 绮:“Dragon king,That is the Persian,You can recognize?”

Persian Wulin,It is a unique holy,This female martial arts is low and not to say,Dominant、Sound、Insect skills,Boloi is still difficult to deal with,That should be a small arrogance in Persia。
“do not know。”绮 的 的 头,After that, I added a sentence.:“Look into a dress,Is it a Persian。”Said that I also looked at the winds of the wind.。
Wonderful wind、The flow clouds are shaking their heads,Huiyue seems to be in the god,Not talking。
Follow the time to look at Luo Ju,His face is more than,But in the end, I still say:“Shaolin,If this is the net,Shaolin is arrested with the same way of Jianghu,Since it has been settled,Then……From the court of court。”
Empty、Empty looks to Losju,It is also hostile。
Luo Ju seems to be a middle-aged greasy man with fresh meat.,But the Chu Deirers don’t know what,This person is better than it looks,More than the age——Already over 60 years old!
Just like Yue Yue,Hide,So you can play tender。
This person is not only a traitor of the North Shaolin,Still and the Shaolin disciple of the four gods of the empty 字,Is an empty middle number of two young。
Therefore, Bei Shaolin has always been a deep thing.……
But now Shaolin is exactly the autumn.,Awareness,Not the time to pursue Luo Ju life,So kicked the ball back。
Lusu did not dare,Where is the sea, a knife is arrested?,To avoid irritating to hide the people of Shaolin。
“Several cases,Guardian Shanzhuang,Give each dispatch,Will be returned to the sea!”Shangguan Haishu said,Folding fan in your hands,At the same time, Murongjiu heard,Her sleeves have passed a slight machine basis。
Obviously it is ready to shoot。
“Humph,The Randelong Strong I check myself.,Everyone is afraid that it is believed.,Still checked by us.!”Lusu is not weak.。
Murong 9 can’t help but remind it on the side:“Shangguan brother,At this time, the majority of each,Will return back to the mountains to the sea,Mind is afraid that it is difficult。”
“Shen Laison”At this time, I glanced at Murong.,After seeing his reality and ruthless,In the heart, there is a lot of doubts.。
Murongjiu, this is completely unscrupulous, the death of a knife,Can be lost from the interest,It is indeed thinking。
If he is now expressing a heart to save the sea,Give the Renong Villa,Is true suspicious。
certainly,Haitang also has no malicious,Just she and the sea are more familiar with,Be a colleague、Brothers and sisters,More people——“Shen Laison”Looking at the sea。
Shangguan Haishu At this time, it is difficult to return.,Have a heart, want to win a knife,Cannot look at the nine eyes, don’t want to help。
A lot of sages present,It’s a laugh.,Zhang Luo let everyone have a complaint、Hatred revenge,Don’t get rid of yourself,Can’t,You can also call the Zhengda’s preserving fair……
But look at the North Shaolin has no opinion.,Other factions have no one——Jian Yuxi!
Obviously, I don’t want to rush into the dispute between the East Factory and the Raolong Villa.!
Lusu is not in the danger of the official sea,Instead, stare at Huangmang Probe,In the four major implications,With this person’s martial arts!
See Mu Lu Fu does not show me,Lousia is still disappointed——If the ruling mountain is really awkward,Don’t save the sea, a knife,That toss,Just abolish a word word impression。
at this time,Just listen to a burst of,I only see a white sedan,Wear white in four、Head wear white yarn,Pose“Car”Raising,Flying down from the Temple of the King……
See this sediment and four white clothes“woman”,Chu Dengu’s mouth does not help but convulsive,in addition……So-called 声,The Chu Deirens who are deeply versed——No soul。
It should be just no trace,Add an automatic change in the organ、Blowing by the blower……Women with four white women,In its“Haul”Work down!
“Master!”Shangguan Haiti is like。
“Luo Ju,Go back and tell Cao Dogu,Just say that there is no face, a face,A knife……I took it away.!”No trace,From the sedan。
“Oh?God Hou this is iron heart,Want to publicize?Or……Before returning to the sea, the people in the rivers and lakes,Not‘Private matter’?”Los as a sedentary trap。

“I just saw Manager An walk out with a smile,Have you already figured out a solution to the problem”Xiao Xiao lowered his voice,Asked quietly。

Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“The solution should have been figured out last night,I just didn’t say it“
“cut!Made me stay up all night,Speak up and let me hear,How to solve it?“Xiao Xiao looked forward to,Xia Jian looked at Xiao Xiao’s eyes at this moment,It seems to see which Xiao Xiao he was when he first met。
Xia Jian took back his flustered thoughts,Sighed and said:“The best solution now is to make profit,Almost the end of the year,Through distribution marketing,We can withdraw a batch of funds,Help the group get rid of the current difficulties“
“Jangli!How to make way?I want you to be more detailed“Xiao Xiao is a little worried。With her breath,Her full breasts follow up and down,Looks a little tempting。
But at this time,Xia Jian really didn’t have the mind to appreciate the scenery in front of him。He thought for a moment,So I said all my thoughts。
Xiao Xiao was stunned,After a long time,She just stood up abruptly,She was a little excited and walked back and forth in the office two times,Shouting:“ Why didn’t I think of such a good way”
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Just smile。He was thinking,If you can think of these good solutions,Then why do you invite me over?。
“This way is good,Then execute immediately。Or call these people in charge,You give them a meeting”Xiao Xiao said with a big smile。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“I told Lin Wei to notify,The person in charge of the financial center should have arrived long ago”
“Oh!Forgot to tell you,The person in charge of the financial center sales department is Lin Na。Is a returnee,Have a certain social background at home,So this person is very arrogant,A little hard to manage。The whole group only listens to me“Xiao Xiao whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian said with a cold snort:“I like to manage these disobedient,But you have to give me life and death,In this period of time,I will not let go of the disobedient”

Wang Lin is away,Xia Jian began to wonder which 60 million yuan was put into futures,If the money can be made,The entrepreneurial group is not alive。

But I’ve exhausted my brain,Xia Jian didn’t think of a reason。His mind moved,I started to think of what Old Xiao said,Ask her to find a few subsidiaries under the group’s name to sell them out to save the emergency。
Actually this is also a good way,For example, the leisure and entertainment industry under the group name,No one takes care of it anyway,Don’t make much money,Why not buy it for others。
Xia Jian thought of this,So I called Jin Yimei,In a while,Jin Yimei walked in with the account book in her hand。As soon as she came in, she sat on the chair in front of Xia Jian,Looks extremely tired。
Xia Jian glanced at her and said:“Don’t worry too much,Things will always be resolved”
“I really didn’t expect,In such a short time I left,The group was tossed like this by these people,It’s terrible!What a pity。You said I am now in charge of finances again,But this pot is empty,No rice!So many mouths?Too embarrassing”Jin Yimei kept shaking her head and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I didn’t just talk empty talk,More than 5 million will be credited tomorrow,You should be able to move here temporarily”
”Really!You are not using private property, are you?!“When Jin Yimei said this,,Smile finally appeared on his face。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Private property,I don’t have such great ability。You forgot one thing,Our investment in Xiping Village has begun to pay dividends,I asked them to pay our group budget in advance,Retreat at the end of the year“
“Wow!So much in a year?Thanks to you for this project“Jin Yimei said with a big smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“And investment in Pingdu,Don’t we still have a highway toll?There are a lot of points here。Wang Lin goes there this afternoon,I can call in several million tomorrow“
“Damn!That’s great“Jin Yimei stood up happily。
First0727chapter He went to the mountain alone for the benefit
Xia Jian smiled,Let her sit down again,Then went on:“Don’t our group still have a few entertainment venues??We didn’t do this well,Let’s sell it。You handle this,Mr. Xiao has already spoken anyway“